Recently, we wrote a quick blurb on SLiNK Magazine and their thriving media brand that focuses on plus size fashion and media. Hmm… sounds familiar. But, let’s be real. SLiNK definitely has it going on! They are BOLD times ten!

What we didn’t discuss is the woman behind the US SLiNK offices, Renee Cafaro. We happened upon Renee a few weeks ago while we caught her travel schedule on Instagram. She was jet setting across the country promoting the magazine she edits. And, so we asked, “Gee, Renee… which magazine do you mean?” All in three minutes, our world was rocked! SLiNK, Renee, her Instagram “@foxyroxyfashion,” and an amazing Plus This! Show podcast she was being featured on. What a night!

So, who is Renee Cafaro? Cafaro is a freelance writer who’s been featured on Yahoo! Travel, the New York Post (what? crazy!) and other media outlets like BLeisureLiving and¬†Like a Boss Girls, all while promoting her own brand (FoxyRoxyFashion) and editing for SliNK. She writes on politics, travel, fashion. Not to mention, her podcast, “Mind of Mentor!”

Cafaro is a bad ass chick in a plus size world. Her fashion style ranges from “Doors” t-shirts to solid and print dresses. Oh, and did we mention she went to Stanford? So, she’s DEFINITELY not just a pretty face with a blog (in case you had your doubts).

We’re hoping to catch up with Renee Cafaro over the next week or two for a full interview. But, in the meantime, check out some of her links and show some support!