Oh Em Gee! it’s been so long since we have been in touch with FabUplus magazine and we’re so glad for them. They’ve been blowing up in retail stores and online! Have you had a look yet?


From their site

“LIFE, make it FUN.. keep it REAL.  FabUplus embodies the art of being a curvy woman and celebrates real people living their best life.

Our mission is to be the leading media landscape that celebrates health, fitness and lifestyle for the curvy community.

We encourage women to love their unique bodies while developing a weight-neutral, health-centered approach to life.  FabUplus Magazine sorts out the facts from distorted societal myths about health, weight, and identity and promotes body acceptance, self-love and aims to build confidence in women of size.

Our message is that all women are beautiful, original, not only good enough, but exceptional, not just here, but here for a purpose.

We exist to create a community of body acceptance and celebrate our readers’ inner curves.”

Their plan to Celebrate, Believe, Respect, Promote, and Encourage the plus size community are spelled out below:



We celebrate the curvy community wholeheartedly, our magazine is for our readers, and we feature our readers in as many opportunities as possible.


Our belief is that no one should be discriminated against because of their size, and no one should be made to feel inadequate because of their bodies.


We respect and value differences, and appreciate every woman’s unique qualities.


We promote body positivity, self love, self worth and self acceptance.


We encourage women to view their bodies as beautiful, just as they are, not how others believe it should be.

Founder, Shannon Svingen-Jones was a plus size woman just like a lot of the community. But, she decided to do something about it!

“Just like the rest of you,” she says on her site, “I have been fighting a battle, the battle of self-acceptance. My body positive journey began in summer 2015 when I was just done, done with the body hate and the shame that I felt over how I looked.”

But her journey into weight loss surgery (which she wasn’t a candidate for) led her to become a body acceptor and advocate. Well, we LOVE us some FabUplus and you should too!