Recently, we wrote an article on some of our friends over at fabUplus and we wanted to tell you about one of our girls, Cheyenne Medland! Medland is an Account Manager at FabUplus but she’s also a bad ass chick! This Canadian curvy cutie calls herself a “Fat Athlete” (which we love) because of her awesome entrees into crossfit, cheerleading, and boxing! And, when she’s not getting fit, Cheyenne is a plus size model with Torrid and other incredible plus brands!

We don’t just love this Fat Athlete and gorgeous model because she’s got some fans on Instagram! She’s all about sending the right messages to the plus size community.

“This body has been shamed,” says Medland on one of her Instagram posts. “This body has been told she’s not enough, or in other words, she’s too much. This body has been told “there’s no way you can be healthy” this body is fierce and fit, fierce and fat (I don’t find that word negative) fierce and fabulous, fierce always & forever. But most of all what she really is: is fierce as f*** ! This is a plus size 20 body. This body will never hear her soul telling her she’s not enough. This body will continue to break every damn barrier that this society forms against her!”

We’re planning on grabbing a full BOLD STYLE interview with Medland very soon. But, in the meantime, check her out on Instagram here! Or, you can just hit up @cheyennemedland!