Here at Bold, we run into all sorts of amazing women who are involved with all areas of the plus size and BBW community. Crystal Woods is a BBW model and body positive plus size woman who has almost 200,000 Instagram followers on Instagram! Wow! What you may not know is the path that brought her to becoming a plus size or BBW model. Unfortunately, Woods was in a viscous car accident that left her incapable of keeping her job as an administrator.

From Crystal’s GoFUNDme Page:

I’m having back surgery due to a broken disc in my back (L7) caused by a rear end collision last year.

September 12, 2017 I was rear ended by a 3 ton truck moving at an estimated 45mph-55mph. I sustained multiple injuries due to the impact.


I have already had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder to repair 2 tears and undergone about 6 months of physical therapy and rehab.



















I completed therapy and rehab last month in March and began applying for jobs but i just received the news I will be going through another surgery to operate on a broke disc in my lower back since therapy nor rehab have helped my back and it has in fact gotten worse.

I need help covering my rent and utilities for April, May, June, and July since I have not and cannot work until I’m healed from surgery which will take place next month in June.

This is a low ball estimate of what I need to make it through the coming months because anything helps.”






Woods, like so many women in modeling, felt as though she could use her body positive attitude to inspire others as well as make some money doing it. And, while she’s found some amazing success, this was something that was forced upon her due to these terrible circumstances. As part of the Bold Causes campaign, please make any donation you can and send a note at our CEO, Christopher Salute. His email address is BOLD at with the amount you’re donating. Bold Media will match all donations this week!

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Instagram account: @southern_sweetheart_bbw