As part of the Bold Causes Campaign, Bold Magazine would like to introduce you to Chrissy (Christina Lyn Dunham). We met Chrissy a few months ago while she was well on her weight loss journey. This gorgeous “fitness nut” was in the middle of exercising and posting on instagram and definitely caught our eye! Chrissy has spent most of her life overweight. At the age of 6 she was already considered obese, by age 11 she was well over 300 pounds and by high school she topped the scales at over 450.

Dunham was recently given the opportunity to take part in a full-time fitness camp in beautiful Southern California, but unfortunately this comes at a great cost. As an independent woman who has always worked incredibly hard despite her weight, she has been forced to leave her job and all her belongings back home in Washington state…. including her best friend Hero (her dog)! She has had to make the choice between this tremendous loss or her life. She started her weight loss journey at 514 pounds.

Unfortunately, she is now without the means to cover her living expenses. Without her job, she is giving up her vehicle, medical insurance and the ability to provide herself with even the daily amenities. By contributing even a small amount you can help ease the stress of making ends meet while she focuses on saving her life… literally. Here’s a video of Chrissy on The Doctors TV show to show you how dire it had actually gotten for Chrissy:


From her GoFundMe Page, written by her team members:

“She is a stunning young woman with a beautiful soul who has spent much of her life giving to others. I know she would never ask for help herself, so I’m hoping together we can give back to one of the most courageous women I know!”

And we have to agree! Courageous and stunning is why we fell in love with Chrissy and her story! We hope this incredible journey can help inspire and encourage all those who struggle with weight and body image issues. And, for the next week, just donate to the cause and email our CEO, Christopher Salute at BOLD at so he can MATCH your donation!

Follow Chrissy on Instagram HERE and check out her goFundMe page HERE