how to get a bikini body


We have had a number of editorials on body acceptance over the past few years. And, we’re no strangers to the swimsuit market, either! You can do a survey on our Ashley Graham articles alone.

Well, recently, we read an artilcle from Yahoo! entitled, “Jessica Simpson flaunts bikini bod and her husband’s abs in vacation photos…” Sites like Yahoo! probably don’t even realize what they are doing when they write articles like this. But, here’s a snippet:

“A montage of the photos Jessica Simpson has shared from her sexy sojourn to the  Bahamas with her husband, Eric Johnson. (Photo: jessicasimpson via Instagram)
Except for the occasional department store appearance to promote her billion-dollar clothing and shoe line, Jessica Simpson‘s life seems like one big vacation. Or maybe that’s just her “Instagram Life.” Either way, our favorite tuna queen has been on an actual vacation for the last week, with hubby Eric Johnson sans kids, and it’s been a sexy affair.

Maybe because TMZ posted some photos of her Bahamas vacay that weren’t superflattering (though they weren’t unflattering either — she’s a gorgeous girl), she’s been posting up a storm on social media. So we rounded up all of the photos in one spot for an Instacram viewing experience.

If we were captioning these ourselves, we’d go with ‘wowza’ for this shot of the couple, who have been together for eight years and are still superhot for each other. For a photo inside a closet, we see very little clothing and a lot of skin, especially his abs.”

Jessica Simpson is not at all a stranger to weight loss, gain, and analysis from the media. And, we’re so glad that  she is happy in her body, so much that she is wearing a bikini! But, there’s no such thing as a “bikini body!” This has been widely debated for years in every possible media form. When you google “bikini body,” you will see over 10 pages of results. Here’s the kicker, 100% of them are articles telling you how to ALTER your body! Women are persecuted for their weight all over the place from the workforce to media and everywhere in between. But, to destroy their self esteem while they are cooling off by the pool is absurd! In the midst of the Spring heat wave, we’d strip down to our underwear in the office if we could! Let alone wear a bikini at the beach.

Below is a quick photo shoot from our newest model, Mel Mayhem, Check out her Instagram account here! We caught up with Mayhem about bikini body’s and this what she had to say:


“It’s sad to me that women who are larger than a size 10 feel ashamed to wear anything that isn’t fully covering our bodies and even legs. I used to dread shopping for a swimsuit because I felt I couldn’t be seen but I finally faced my fear and bought a two piece and I haven’t looked back since then. I’ve had to learn that if I’m comfortable, the partner I have is happy, then everyone else’s opinions don’t matter. If they think I shouldn’t be wearing what I am to be in the water then they can overt their eyes to something more their speed because I’m not going to limit my progress for them”

In a world where 67% of women are plus and approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media. 58% of college-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight. ( we really want to make sure our readers know that all bodies are bikini bodies. Special thanks to Mel Mayhem for her pictures.

Do you have a bikini body? Sound off below!