Ummmmm….. We need to talk… right now… about a bold resource!

Revelist is a mobile-first media publication delivering quality content to millennial women. From fashion and beauty inspiration (no matter your size), to sex and relationship advice, to smart and savvy breaking news and personal essays, our mission is to create a digital support system for women everywhere, whether that means uplifting your mood, making your life easier, or presenting you with fresh perspectives.

Revelist surfaces the things you want to know and the things you never knew existed — with lots of LOLs in between. The founding editor, April Walloga, is a plus size chick herself! Prior to Revelist, April edited Business Insider’s lifestyle vertical and was the managing editor of Jane Pratt’s beauty site, xoVain. Wowzer! She sites her passion of uplifting women everywhere in ways big and small on the “about page.”

Well, we’re all about this amazing resource and have reached out to Revelist for an interview! Hey, if you can’t be BOLD all the time, you may as well revel, right?