Sent in my by our very own Jersey Girl, Amanda, we caught an upworthy promotion of Rachel Wiley’s 10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy and we are absolutely IN LOVE with this woman and what she stands and slams for!

If you haven’t caught her 2013 slam during the National Poetry Slam, in Boston, Massachusetts, check it out, here:




So…. a few things:


1- We love Rachel!

2- The message is bomb!

3- It totally makes us want to put our slam hats on again and start slamming!

4- Don’t worry, we already reached out for an interview. We’re on it!

Rachel Wiley is a poet, performer and body positive activist from Columbus, Ohio. Her first full length collection of poems Fat Girl Finishing School was published on Timber Mouse Press in 2014. Her newest collection, Nothing Is Okay, was published by Button Poetry in March of 2018 and we’re on the hunt for it, right now! her gallery is filled with photos and videos and all sorts of goodies! So, it looks like we have our evening plans made! How about you?