One of our newest and most favorite up and comers, Sara Faith Smith, has been kicking butt with her new clothing collaboration, BOLD! And, boy oh boy are we excited! We got to catch up with Sara about her clothing line, her modeling career, and her next moves after college! We love what she had to say and you will do! Let’s get going!

Bold Magazine: Sara, we recently learned of your new BOLD clothing collaboration, which is how we first learned of what you’ve been up to. Can you tell us about that? How did it come about?

Sara: When I was thinking of new designs, BOLD instantly popped in my mind. I was looking for a word to represent females & even males that strive through the adversity of this society. So, I went with the word BOLD because it has so many definitions set to each individual. Any one can be BOLD. It’s not set to represent anyone particular. It’s about how that person lives. With freedom.

Bold Magazine: We totally agree! More importantly, we need to know more about you, before the line! Tell us where your modeling and influencing has brought you? How did you get started?

Sara: It all started when I went to Torrid’s Model Search in Nashville, TN in 2016. I got to the second round of interviews that year. I, then, started modeling for local boutiques in South Mississippi. My social media presence was growing, but it sky-rocketed when I made “Top Ten” in the Torrid Model Search in 2017. I walked in New York Fashion Week, Shot with a top fashion photographer, and had the best experience of my life so far. I didn’t get further in the rounds of the model search. However, I have been invited to Torrid Headquarters for additional campaigns with some of the other girls. Right now, I’m just relaxing & enjoying my life for what it is.

Bold Magazine: OH EM GEEE! And, you’re in college? Where do you go? What are you studying?

Sara: I just graduated from a Jr. College in South Mississippi with my general studies associates degree. I am heading to a University in the fall to study fashion merchandise.

Bold Magazine: We love it! You know our CEO is also a professor, so we’re all about education! What do you want to do when you’re done?

Sara: I’m leaving Mississippi when I’m done! I have love for South Mississippi, but it is not for me. I want to be able to drive 5 minutes down the street to get an “in-n-out” hamburger. If that gives a STRONG CLUE haha! But really, I want to move to a big city, work for huge fashion companies. Maybe even branch out to be a stylist.

Bold Magazine:  Hah! We think we can figure it out. That’s one of our favorite cities, too. At the moment, you’re making a pretty decent dent in the plus size community. Where do you see yourself, there, in the next 5 to 10 years?

Sara: So, I definitely believe in having dreams. It’s super healthy for some to dream & have goals & ambitions. BUT, I believe that if this modeling/influencer career is for me, I will be much further than local shoots & shops. I dream, and I want to be able to my dreams reality- but I also know life isn’t a fairytale. So if it’s not for me, that will be okay. But if it is, you best believe I will be kicking my ass through adversity of this society!

Bold Magazine: Yes! And the community as a whole? Where do you see plus size fashion going?

Sara: I believe plus size fashion has came along way, but it’s still not where it should be. There should be representation for all bodies, all ethnicities, all physical demeanors. I want to see size 28 modeling clothes in catalogs. I want to see a Chinese petite lady modeling on posters in a store. I want to see a beautiful lady that has one arm modeling clothes. Screw the statistic of “The model sells the clothes”. Screw that. THE CLOTHES SELL THE CLOTHES! ADVERTISING SELLS THE CLOTHES! And In this time of WANTING diversity… DIVERSITY SELLS THE CLOTHES! Let’s get there, people.

Bold Magazine: So, when you’re not wearing BOLD, what are some of your favorite brands. We peeped that you were buying some swimsuits from Target recently!

Sara: Haha. Where do I not shop? 70% of my closet consists of Torrid, the other 30% is Forever 21 (when their sizing isn’t screwed up -FIX THAT), Charlotte Russe, WALMART!, Rue 21, Ross, & anything else I love- I WEAR IT!

Bold Magazine: This may just be us, but we’ve noticed your shots, at least on Instagram, have gone from serious looking to flirty and smiley. What’s inspiring the happiness?

Sara: Every shoot, every selfie, every photo I take, I take at least 100. Selfish, I know lol! So in that 100, I make 100 different faces and poses. I just pick the ones that look the best to me at the moment. A few things that inspire my happiness, though, in no particular order: My family, my gracious lovely boyfriend of going on 3 years, where my life is at the moment, and my talent to be in front of the camera & be able to inspire from there!

Bold Magazine: What advice do you have for the young plus women who want to get into modeling?

Sara: It’s hard. But it’s worth it. It’s worth being able to open a DM that tells you that what you’re doing has inspired another individual to love themselves. My advice is: GO FOR IT. Take “digitals” (Black/White tank/body fitting shirt, skinny jeans, and heels, with natural makeup and hair). Send them into agencies that hire curve/plus models. And keep going. Even if you’re not contacted. You can inspire & influence without being a “model”.

Bold Magazine: Sara, lastly… what makes you BOLD?

Sara: I am BOLD, because I live my life for who I am, and for who I strive to be. I am BOLD because I embrace who I am. I do what makes me feel beautiful on no one else’s standards. I am Sara Faith, and I am B O L D.


Yeah she is! BOLD is right! And, we love it!