What’s better than one supermodel? Two. And Swimsuits For All is delivering that larger-than-life model realness with a new campaign starring Ashley Graham and 52-year-old Brooke Shields.

The new campaign for the game-changing body positive and inclusive brand is themed around the power suit and also features real women including reality star Angela Simmons, professional swimmer Pat Gallant Charette and a nurse practitioner named Katie Duke. How’s that for inclusive?

Swimsuits For All is reclaiming the term “power suit” and turning it on its head, removing it from the association with work attire. Instead, the goal is to have the Swimsuits For All squad as well as all women to feel empowered in their bathing suits, inspiring ladies everywhere to feel just as confident wearing their swim attire as they would rocking their professional wardrobe.

Earlier this year, Graham launched her untouched swimsuit picture campaign, which we love. but, the articles that have been written have been more about Brook Shields and her bikinis than Ashley Graham…. Hmm… we wonder why…

In others news, Ms. Graham liked and commented on one of our Instagram pictures recently! So…. she’s an even bigger hero to us, now. Yay!