Hey Bold readers! Have you checked your Your Big Sister’s Closet? A Canadian based retail and online store, YBSC “is a plus size shopping destination for uncompromising fashionistas.” We love it!

From their site,

“Your BIG Sister’s Closet is a plus size clothing store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which caters to uncompromising and discerning fashionistas size 12+. The store was borne out of owner Karen Ward’s love of fashion and her difficulty in finding fabulous clothes that actually fit.

In May of 2010, Karen started her blog, Curvy Canadian, and has maintained a consistent presence in the international plus size fashion community ever since. Both her blog and this store are devoted to inspiring plus size women everywhere to dress to their full potential. Karen is very active in social media (Facebook and Twitter) and responds directly and personally to the requests, suggestions, and general feedback of customers.”

More about Karen,

“Karen has two older sisters whom she looks up to very much. Growing up, her two sisters would constantly borrow clothes from one another, and Karen was always sad that they couldn’t loan her things because nothing fit.

Karen has been very influenced by her sisters’ sense of style and has opened “Your Big Sister’s Closet” so that all the curvy girls who can’t fit into their sisters’ (or friends’) clothes will have a place to find clothes that will make them look just as fierce (if not, fiercer!) than their smaller stylish counterparts. Since Karen wanted to make this site accessible to everyone who wants to use it, we offer FREE SHIPPING to Canada and the US. Happy shopping, ladies!”

They are located at 3126 Dundas Street West in Toronto