You know the editors of Bold are always trying to find you more and more bold resources and stories! We recently Rhapsody Artajo reviewing some great marvel gear for you. But, we just full in love with the Fat Girl Flow, herself. Bold caught up with Artajo and had such a good time listening to her talk about her art, her modeling, and herself. This beauty is as humble as she is fierce! We love getting a window into her life and you will to! So, without further delay, let’s get into it with our girl, Rhapsody!


Bold Magazine:  Rhapsody, we recently connected after finding a post of yours on instagram. But, you seem to do it all. Tell us all about  ArtRhapsody .

Rhapsody: Well The name is just my birth name flipped around! (Art)ajo , Rhapsody 🙂  My name is highly Representative of who I am as a person because it literally means music and art.  As far as the social media a goes, I wanted a place where I could post and share all of my experiences and connect with like minded people.

Bold Magazine: Ummm…. almost 100,000 followers on Facebook. How does that happen?

Rhapsody: I don’t know! I’m a weirdo!  LOL

Bold Magazine: Arent’t we all a little weird? You’re an Makeup Artist, Singer  and model? Awesome! What are the some of the brands you’ve worked with?

Rhapsody: I am! I was signed a few years ago and since then I’ve grown as a model and Influencer and have been blessed to  work with many different brands some of which include Torrid, RWN, PinupGirl Clothing, Paisley Raye, Cakeworthy, Chubby Cartwheels, Whosotsandwhatsits, Fashion Nova Curve , Curvy Couture Intimates, Hips and Curves, Castle Corsetry, Adorkable Apparel and a few others :).

Bold Magazine: Wow! Unlike some of our up and comers, we’ve noticed you around for a while. How have you seen the community change as you’ve stayed active?

Rhapsody: To be honest I’ve seen the plus and curve industry grow and become more poignant. Big designers are noticing and starting to see that there is absolutely a bright and vivid market for the plus size community. I still feel that the smaller Independent brands really understand the plus person’s body and buyers know that. That being said, I think it’s beautiful to see some of the bigger names in the industry take notice and really take pride in having more knowledgeable designers working on different clothing and style options for a more diverse body type.

I’m seeing more gorgeous plus size men like @abearnamedtroy and @nickholliday! [Instagram tags] It’s all so inspiring!!

Bold Magazine: So, between youtube and facebook and your modeling and instagram, you’re hitting multiple areas of the plus community. How do you have time for it all?

Rhapsody: Lol! NO SLEEP! (JK I LOVE SLEEP😂)

I schedule things two months in advance when possible! I absolutely love being busy and I am grateful for all the opportunities that I get but it does take a toll on personal relationships. I have some solid rocks in my life, but I have many friends I don’t get to see. Sometimes I feel downright lonely. (Thank God for my Kitty Catleesi Luna ) Right now in my life, my work is priority because it is my livelihood! I have a full-time job as a make up artist and typically after work and on my days off are the times when I am able to schedule all of my extracurriculars!

Bold Magazine: We definitely get the lack of sleep! You’ve been really inching up the Instagram ranks, too! You seem to be really making an impact. What’s your goal in the plus size community?

Rhapsody: My goal is to spread positivity ,Joy, laughter and light.  I want People to be happy with themselves no matter where they are in their weight journey, no matter what shape they were born in, no matter what physicality restraints society has deemed “less than”. Our bodies should not define our hearts. Stay Relentlessly optimistic and contagiously confident!

Bold Magazine: Where do you see plus size media going? How do you plan on staying involved?

Rhapsody: It’s already becoming mainstream. Like anything else that goes against the grain were still facing adversity and small mindedness  but we are continuously striving to make ourselves known and make people aware that we are not going anywhere. We do not care if our bodies make you uncomfortable. I’m going to keep spreading that message and continue to run @contagiouslyconfident in hopes that it will spark inspiration where there is darkness .

Bold Magazine: What do you enjoy most about being such a vocal voice in the plus community?

Rhapsody: Omg … there’s too much I’m blessed with. The messages. The letters. The art. The hugs. 😭 There are so many beautiful people going through hard situations. Whether it be self image , medical situations or everyday  physical struggles .. people reach out and tell me That my everyday actions connect with them in some sort of positive way- that it brightens their day. It warms my heart and it really makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

Bold Magazine: Any horror stories? Tell us how you’ve overcome them.

Rhapsody: I had a follower give me a hug (which is Perfectly fine because I’m a hugger) but then he licked my chest.  That was pretty horrific 😂. I’m still overcoming that one!

Bold Magazine: Oh my! Well if we see you, we’ll just leave it at the hug! La    Youtubestly, Rhapsody, what makes you BOLD?

Rhapsody: My journey made me bold. If I hadn’t gone through all the horrible things in my past there’s no way that I would be a strong as I am now.