Ugh! We are about halfway into Landwhale by Jes Baker and we just have to stop reading and start writing. There’s a full review on the way. But, Jes Baker and her Landwhale Book are incredible! We also picked her last book, Things Nobody Tells a Fat Girl. From PCOS to being ridiculed as a fat kid, Baker has an amazing writing style. She’s raw, edgy, and funny as hell.
We’re visiting Baker in Williamsburg, tonight to get our books signed. Are you?
A bit about the book:

“Jes Baker’s words are ointment for the soul. I want to give this book to every person who’s ever struggled with their body and its place in this world. Read this book. Thank me later.”

— Julie Murphy, #1 New York Times bestselling author

About Landwhale:

From beloved author of Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, a raw and relatable memoir of the ups and downs of life as a fat babe.

In Landwhale, Jes Baker delves into her coming-of-age—including her 6 Ways to Hate Your Body (#2: Worship teen periodicals), her top tactics for reframing the malicious animal comparisons hurled at fat women repeatedly (see “Elephant: Everyone knows elephants are basically the coolest animals ever. Try again.”) and as a bonus, Jes takes the time to answer the Internet’s most pressing question of all time: “So, have you ever thought about dieting?”

With biting wit and arresting vulnerability, Baker also covers living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and feeling like a hobbit, fat sex, Harry Potter roller coasters, the problematic effects of online heroism, and the complicated conversation around weight loss surgery.

For anyone who grew up as a fat kid (or didn’t for that matter), who has traveled while fat, or who has simply lived in a fat body, Landwhale is a truthful and powerful account of the unforgiving ways our culture treats fatness and how to live happily and freely anyway.

About Jes Baker: 

Jes Baker is a positive, progressive, and magnificently irreverent force to be reckoned with in the realm of self-love advocacy and mental health. She believes in the importance of body autonomy, hard conversations, strong coffee, and even stronger language.

After creating satirical versions of Abercrombie & Fitch advertisements in 2013, she appeared on the Today Show and quickly became one of the leading voices in the current body image movement.

When not writing, Jes spends her time speaking around the world, working with plus size clothing companies, organizing body liberation events, taking pictures in her underwear and attempting to convince her cats that they like to wear bow ties.