Rosemarie Zack, Tifani Blakely, Jenna Ivory, Amanda Sainz, Johana Sainz… do any of these names ring a bell? If not, it’s because you haven’t been following their new swimsuit brand! Pretty Worthy is a brand new brand started by Rosemarie Zack, out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since they are so new, we haven’t found their site, yet! But, if you want to see an amazing video with plus size model Tifani Blakely modeling some of their message, check here.

Now, we’ve been covering all sorts of swimsuit companies coming from Hunter McGrady to Ashley Graham and beyond.  And, we love our girl, Sara Smith, who’s been collaborating on her BOLD line.

But, this isn’t a celebrity or model starting a clothing line. This is just a wonderful group of local folks who decided to kick butt and be bold! The new campaign aims to send that message by showcasing girl models of every size, from extra small to 4XL, which we love! First of all, it’s so hard to find sizes past XL, as we’ve definitely written about before!

“It’s about the equality of a woman to really feel pretty and worthy in your own skin,” said Rosemarie Zack, the owner of Pretty Worthy.

12 models, ranging in size, will take part in a photo shoot this coming Monday, for Pretty Worthy! They’ll all be wearing a different black bathing suit, which we love! Shortly after the photo shoot, Pretty Worthy’s website will go live with all the photos of the models in their suits. Customers will then have 24 hours to find the bathing suit that best fits their body. It doesn’t cost anything, though the shopper will have to pay shipping and handling. We can’t wait!

“I kind of thought on the way here that I should be nervous that I’m going on TV in a bikini, but it just feels like normal,” said model Tifani Blakely.

We’re so excited to learn more about this line and have reached out to learn more! Please note that the images used are not the models who attended. Model credit to our girl,