Hey Bold Readers! If you’ve been reading about some of our Bold Resources, lately, you’ve definitely brushed up against J and their site, Comfy Fat. Well, we’ve got a great bold resource for you, that is just as inspiring. And, go figure. They know each other. Corissa Enneking is J’s partner and has been such a pillar in the plus size community, about as long as us! We’ve reached out for an interview and we hope they’ll get back to us. But, in the meantime, here’s some information on her site, Fat Girl Flow.

Since 2012, Enneking began casually blogging on Tumblr.com after discovering “That Cortnie Girl.” Amazingly, that was just the start of her amazing transformation into a plus size blogger.

“It turned out that a lot of people were interested in me and my story, and over a few years I gained several thousand followers on tumblr. The fat community welcomed me with open squishy arms, and in April 2015 I created Fatgirlflow.com.”

Fat Girl Flow is an intersection of fashion, advocacy, and so much more.

“I discuss my desire to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge toxic views that I’ve learned, I show off pretty things that I love, I talk about the stigma behind being fat in a fatphobic society, I celebrate other fat people, I talk about how to make peace with yourself and others, and I talk about my triumphs through adversity.”

On FGF, you can shop her merch, get recommendations for resources, and follow Enneking’s journey just like we’ve been for years!

Fatgirlflow has been featured on several major media outlets including Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Life and Style, and The Daily Mail.