Hey Bold Readers and Happy Monday! We’ve had an incredible weekend and some of the highest hitcounts ever. So, thank you so much for your readership!
We’ve got to think that one of the reasons we had such great readership is because we posted our first article about Comfy Fat and their Owner, J! J has been kicking butt on their site, Comfy Fat, discussing everything from fat traveling to gender issues. We LOVE it. What an incredible site!  Fat advocacy is something we’re all so excited to take on, as well as all of the other related research and information we have been encountering including fatphobia, fat positivity, and body positivity! And, J is one of the pioneers in all of those arenas. Without further ado, let’s get into it and learn how Bold J of Comfy Fat is!
Bold Magazine: J, we recently connected after finding you on Instagram. You’ve been discussing fat/body positive activism there for a while. What’s the response been?
J: The response to the Comfy Fat Instagram has been stellar. Truly positive. It has gained over 6k followers in just under 3 months. People are sharing their stories, learning, and growing with Comfy Fat. Which I personally love to see.
Bold Magazine: Wow! That’s a huge fast following! So, what is Comfy Fat?
J: Comfy Fat is a site designed to raise awareness about fat accessibility and intersectionality topics, as well as share resources pertinent to creating a more inclusive and comfortable environment for plus size folks. It aims to challenge conventional beauty standards and take part in the body positive dialogue.
Bold Magazine: Wow! There are so many areas that your site touches. Can you explain them all?
J: On the blog, I’m writing about my experiences. I really want to share resources and talk about topics that are hard for others to talk about. Everything from recommendations for fat hygiene products, to gender and fatphobia, to how to talk about pronouns. I want to use my voice and my privilege to shed light on topics that would be helpful for fat folks, queer folks, and allies alike to read about.
Bold Magazine: Incredible. So, tell us a story about impact! Who is one person you’ve helped?
J: I think the story about impact that really needs to be told is more about how my readers have impacted me. The responses I get to my blog posts and Instagram have been overwhelmingly thoughtful. And thankful. People are invested. Every time I receive a comment or message where someone is expressing gratitude for being able to connect with my story, that impacts me. That motivates me to write more. It fuels me. Its very powerful.
Bold Magazine: Amazing! You’re quite the hero to your fans. And, to us, too! So, who are some of your heroes in the fat/plus size community?
J: There are so many quality humans in the fat community who inspire the heck outta me. April and Sophie from She’s All Fat Pod, Shay Neary of @watchshayslay on Instagram, Cat Pause from Friend of Marilyn podcast, and Your Fat Friend (@yrfatfriend on twitter). And of course, my partner Corissa of Fat Girl Flow. All the behind the scenes work I see her do inspires me tremendously.
Bold Magazine: Those are some of our faves, too! Wow, you and Corissa are some power couple! J, what’s the goal with your site, Comfy Fat? How are you getting there?
J: The goal of Comfy Fat is to just be unapologetically myself, as a fat person, and hold a presence in this community. I want to share, learn, and grow with folks. I want to help others live life more comfortably. I’m doing this by pushing myself to talk about topics that are hard for me. By being vulnerable, publicly. By trying new things and reporting back on how it goes.
Bold Magazine: And, you’re definitely doing a great job! It’s our experience that a lot of our friends in the plus size community have day jobs. Unfortunately, it’s because the community doesn’t allow for us to live on our plus size gigs? Do you? If so, what is it?
J: I went to school for social work and worked for a few years in that field and loved it. It was also super stressful and took a lot from me emotionally. A few months ago I left that job, got rid of my apartment and my car, and moved in with my partner. We decided I would try to go all in with this blogging thing and see how it goes and if I can be successful at it, which definitely has a time limit [laughs]. But I’m really enjoying it, so far.
Bold Magazine: Talk to us about your body positivity. Where do you get your inspiration? How did it all start?
J: Finding body positivity started on Tumblr for me and it sort of just snow balled from there. I started following accounts on social media that promoted this idea that you could love yourself, accept, and appreciate all bodies. And even further, you can choose to challenge the unattainable beauty standards and the toxic diet and weight loss culture our society pushes on us. What was once a movement that helped me encourage others to see themselves as valuable as they are, turned into a practice for myself. My inspiration now comes from folks who really delve into the politics and nuances of body positivity and speak of their experiences with intersecting identities and the specific struggles they face as it relates to their size.

Bold Magazine: That’s a great way to get started. We’re kind of in the same boat! Well, now that we know where it began, what’s next for you?

J: What’s next? Comfy. Fat. Youtube. Channel [laughs]. Also, I’m working on some merchandise that I’m hoping will be really helpful to the trans community.

Bold Magazine: Well we’ll buy it! Lastly, J, what makes you BOLD?

J: Any fat person who dares to live their life authentically, and unapologetically, and share their vulnerabilities along the way, is bold. Though there is such a vibrant community of amazing fat activists out there and online, when put up against the larger majority of straight size folks…I think living out loud makes us all pretty fucking bold if you ask me!