Oh my goodness. We kind of stumbled upon some SERIOUS fashion in the name of Elara Luna. You have GOT to check it out! First of all, CEO, Janelle, is a beauty queen. She’s absolutely stunning. And, she also picks some of most incredible styles, fashions, and models to work with.  Janelle really has something special. Her site is a must see. So eloquent and classy. It’s absolutely incredible. And, she is a dream: stunning, humble, hardworking and kind. We are in awe…

Janelle decided to not write about the Elara Luna story in the 3rd person format. So, we’re going to personally quote some of her great “about us” section. as we write.

“Growing up, I always was told I had “such a pretty face”. I hid my body in loose, baggy pants, ill-fitting tees, and giant hoodies. I loved fashion but I was embarrassed by my curves, especially my chest. I would only wear minimizer bras or sports bras. It wasn’t comfy, and it was most definitely not cute. Instead of wearing beautiful clothes, I would sketch them.”

When Janelle grew up, she started looking for clothing companies and stores for women her size. She found some in the UK, but even the stores she looked at didn’t match her style. She decided to make some changes and accept herself, despite her lack of options.

“Through this new journey of embracing and learning to love myself AND my curves, the pretty face comments (mostly) stopped. The compliments flowed though even more so. Honestly, I feel weird saying that but it’s to make a point, I promise. I truly believe that through my self-love, people saw my kind spirit more. My inner beauty glowed so much from that confidence and self love that my outer beauty began to shine. Isn’t it kind of crazy how a little fabric can make someone feel? As I grew up more, there was something that I always went back to, those sketches for ‘when I made it big’.

My soul feels most filled when I am helping others. I began to realize that the best way to feed my soul was to help other women who felt the way I used to; like they had to hide. I wanted curvy women to be able to feel so beautiful they radiate it from the inside out, like a true a goddess. I also want that feeling to be easily accessible. There just are not enough clothing options for curvy and plus size women, period. I focused more and more on this dream of mine and through many signs and opportunities, I felt like I was being pulled into something I could no longer steer away from and soon enough, Elara Luna was born.”

A blurb about their name:

“Elara was a mortal princess in Greek mythology. She was beautiful but humble and although she wasn’t a goddess, she was still considered a threat because of her grace and femininity. Elara was banished to Earth from living amongst the Gods due to jealousy. Instead of succumbing to her now fate, Elara chose to use the same resistance and will she always carried, and became an Earth Goddess. She is a true underdog and although she was cast in the shadows, she always carried her own light and shined bright where anyone whom saw her could not deny her beauty or the positive vibrations she illuminated.”