Call it controversial. Call it degrading. Call it anything you want. Odds are, you’re wrong unless you’re in it. The reality is that adult content is a major part of the world we live in. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, is multi-faceted, and is the number one reason adult males access the internet after work. There’s of course a nasty side to the adult content world. We can’t tell you how many of our friends, models, etc. who are either adult stars or not are consistently asked for adult photos, sex work, etc. And, the way they are often perceived and spoken to is absolutely gross. But, there are plenty of women, plus size and straight size, who make a living from the mutli-billion dollar industry. And, that doesn’t mean they are porn stars. There are way too many titles to list. So, let’s jump right in with Nicole, “Fatty Von Frankenstein.” Nicole joins us from Florida and we’re so glad she took the time to educate us on her industry and herself!

Bold Magazine: Nicole, you are actually the first adult content plus size woman we’ve had on Bold. Congratulations and thank you for that! So, can you tell us about what you do?

Nicole: No, thank you! You’ve got some very awesome ladies on Bold so I’m flattered. The fancy term for what I do would be “SSBBW Adult Content Creator” [NOTE from BOLD: SSBBW means Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman, we’re creating a glossary of terms for you as we speak]. I advertise and post teasers on Instagram which is where most all of my customers come from. For flat rates I sell adult photos, videos, and offer access to my Premium Snapchat where I post lots of naughty stuff periodically. Most is pre-recorded but I do custom content that’s priced individually depending on how involved the request is as well.

Bold Magazine: Interesting. So the content varies. What goes into your content? Do you have producers? Is it just you? How does the revenue work? Do you have “people?” We SO want “people” but we aren’t there, yet!

Nicole:  My uncensored content is a one woman show as far as filming goes (with the exception of my girlfriend who helps out from time to time ) but I have an amazing makeup artist who just so happens to be my little sister! She works at ULTA so I lucked out. She also takes some of my photos, but nothing too risque cause that’d be pretty creepy right? But I too would love to have “people” one day, so here’s to hoping!

Bold Magazine: Yeah, fair enough. let’s keep our sister away when the after hours cameras roll! But, we have to ask, how does someone start doing this? When did you wake up and decide… “Okay… my body is slamming… I’m going to make money showing it off!” ?

Nicole: Actually a friend of mine who is also a “cam girl” [NOTE from BOLD: Cam Girls are live camera entertainers, like risqué strippers for a private digital party] suggested I try it. She knew I needed some extra [money] and was feeling down about gaining almost 100 pounds in a year (I was diagnosed with PCOS) and thought it’d be a way to gain some confidence as well as pad my purse. I was skeptical anyone would notice me so I figured “Eh, why not?” But I was pleasantly surprised by the response, so now it’s what I do.

Bold Magazine: Love it! Obviously there has to be some back lash. Big girl on the internet, showing off her belly and thighs…. how do you deal with it?

Nicole: I know it sounds unbelievable, but I’ve never had any backlash of any kind! I receive no less than 50 to 100 comments/messages a day, and they have all been positive. Even my family supported me fully from the beginning. I think (thanks to companies like yours) and social media in general, people are much more open to seeing a fat girl joyously wearing a bikini. I’m also just lucky, I know there’s no shortage of bullies on the internet, but they just haven’t found me yet I guess. But if and when they do I’ll deal with it by remembering how much more love I get than hate. Someone’s inability to see my beauty doesn’t make me less beautiful!

Bold Magazine: Wow, honestly that’s incredible. We didn’t expect that at all, given some experience our friends have had. Thank you for changing that perception! No, can you tell us a positive story? Anything!

Nicole: I have too many to count! But overall, the most positive thing about what I do is the reaction from other plus size women. I get so many messages from beautiful ladies telling me how I inspire them to feel not only comfortable in their own skin, but downright sexy!

Bold Magazine: Damn right girl! What clout! So, do a lot of women do this? Is there a network? Do you all hang?

Nicole: TONS of women do this. All sizes, shapes, ages, races, etc. Some remain totally anonymous through masks, some only show feet, some only show themselves smoking, (there’s a never ending market for fetishes. If you can imagine it, someone specializes in it!). Lots of us keep in touch on our [Instagram accounts] but some do actually meet and do “collabs.” I don’t think there’s ever been a big convention or anything but maybe that’s next! I’m sure people would like to think there’s a big red velvet room where we all hang out and share sex toy recommendations but it’s not quite that glamorous.

Bold Magazine: I think you’re right. There should be! Like a bash but just for adult content! us about what the next steps are for you? I feel like this is a niche. Are we going into adult films? Or traditional modeling? Or something we don’t know about?

Nicole:  Who knows? I don’t have any solid plans to grow this into something bigger but I do love it! So it just depends on whether or not opportunity knocks.

Bold Magazine: Excellent! In the meantime, we always love to know what everyone’s day job is. Do you do this full time or do you teach driver’s education on weekends or something also?

Nicole: At the moment this is my fulltime job! I’m working on my degree to pursue Art Education so hopefully that will be the day job soon. [*cue “Hot for Teacher”*]

Bold Magazine: LOL! Too funny! Nicole, one of the misperceptions of anyone who makes adult content is that they just love sex all the time. Like they just sit around looking for it. But, what are some of your hobbies? What do you do to relax? Stay healthy? See friends?

Nicole: I’m glad you addressed it! so I didn’t have to! Sex is great, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Also, let’s be real, overstimulation is totally a thing. I live in Florida so swimming is a must. I practically live in the pool. I’m a real homebody though, so relaxing is my hobby! Having some wine, watching a horror movie, and taking a nap is my ideal day off!

Bold Magazine: Ugh! We hear you. Sign us up! Lastly, Nicole…. what makes you BOLD?

Nicole: Hmmm, obviously my choice of work is pretty BOLD. I try to live my absolute truth every day. Some days that means being a sultry size 5x temptress, other days
it means being in old sweat pants and double checking myself in the mirror. Either way I’m an imperfect person in an imperfect world and once we accept that it gets a lot easier to love ourselves despite the lumps and bumps. I’d say that’s BOLD!