Sorry it’s taken so long to get this one out! We have been so inspired and hugely busy. And, we have to say… the reason is clear. s you kow, we went to our first very Fat/Body Positive Panel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last week. Oh… my… goodness, the energy in the room was amazing. We got in a little late after an incredible chat with Renee Cafaro of SLiNK. But, we stayed until the very end!

My goodness, if you haven’t gone to a fat or body activism panel, you MUST go! Of course, since we got there late, our pictures are all from the back! And, unfortunately, we had to get back home (semi-late nights without a dog sitter can mean a mess when we get home). So, we didn’t get to stay to meet Jes, Ushshi, or Jessica. But, we’ve been linking up with them, afterwards. Jes and Ushshi both have interview times set up with us! And, we couldn’t be more excited! Hooray!

What we learned was incalculable. Body positivity is not just a movement. It’s all around us. It impacts everyone and needs more than just fat or plus women’s input. Everyone needs to understand that fat-ceptance (fat acceptance), fat positivity, and body issues are all of our responsibilities. I, as the writer of Bold, a man, and someone who has struggled with weight and body issues my entire life, almost cried when I realized how big of an issue it is. It isn’t just fashion or media. It isn’t just literature or academia. It isn’t the film industry or the adult film industry or the social media world or the dating community. It’s everything and anything that involves a plus person (or, to be honest, any other body shape/size or person who struggles with comfort in their own skin).

This panel stirred an awakening in us that cannot be paralleled. We have decided to tell our story and how we started bold. From dealing with our own body struggles and those of our partners, to dealing with perceptions of those who don’t understand preferences in plus, plus problems, or the plus lifestyle. Jes, Ushshi, and Jessica touched on everything from PCOS to the word “fat” to men and friends and gender issues and roles. We were IMPRESSED.

You have got to buy Jes’s books. She’s an incredible speaker. We’ve also linked up with the writer of Dietland, Jen Ponton, after discussing the impact of her book and the story. So, be on the look out for that series.

We’re so excited to keep this community vibrant and in the forefront of media. So, tell us YOUR story! And, join us. Be BOLD!