The time has come, Bold Readers! Rosemarie Zack of Pretty Worthy has launched their incredible black bathing suit giveaway. We’ve linked up with her and one of her incredible models, Tifani Blakely, this week and the results have been incredible. We’ll be posting those incredible interviews once they are edited. In fact, we’ve had our first audio interview with Tifani, and we’re so excited to share it!

The Rebecca, Sizes range from L to 5XL

But, back to Pretty Worthy! This wouldn’t be the first time that a bathing suit company caters to plus size women. And, it wouldn’t be the first time that a company empowered plus women or women of all sizes! But, they are doing it in a super unique way. They’ve got some incredible bathing suits, but they are also so unique! Check it out: Fourteen bathing suits, all in black, and the sizes range from small to 5XL! Now, do all of them go that large? Absolutely not. And, that’s to be expected. You can’t carry every suit in every size, due to the restrictions on production, the way they are cut, etc. etc. Some just don’t work at those size. But, Take “The Rebecca” for example. It’s a large to 5XL suit which is a  super sexy bikini. Covers the entire chest area (which is super important, so many of the smaller suits just won’t work for a plus size as they cups won’t cover). And, the bottom  piece holds in the plus woman’s tummy, butt, and thighs, well. You can see it to the left of this paragraph, modeled at what looks to be a size 10 or 12.

The rest of the suits can be found here. They all have awesome names like “The JADA” and “The AMANDA” (a la Steve Madden’s Mary Jane and their other named shoes). Very cool! We love them! They only come in black and we love that! Focus on the fit, worry about the colors and patterns, later. What an amazing way to celebrate women of all sizes. You can have one of these suits for absolutely free! Let’s see how it works!

From the site, itself:  

“It’s about “feeling pretty worthy” in our free bathing suit campaign.”





Here are the rest of the details:


We’re happy that you are supporting the PRETTY WORTHY launch for our “Black Suit Campaign” for all women this June of 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. WE ARE OFFERING 13 FREE SUITS TO CHOOSE FROM. This campaign is about the equality of feeling beautiful as a woman, no matter what size your body is or even the color of your skin. We as women, have the divine right to genuinely experience the feeling of confidence and embrace the stance of believing we are beautiful no matter what others think of us. But most importantly, we must stop judging ourselves and wholeheartedly recognize the true reflection looking back at us.

To show our appreciation to you, Pretty Worthy is offering a free black bathing suit. There is no limit to how many you can get, yet with each FREE transaction, we are having the participant pay for shipping + handling with each suit.


WHEN: Thursday, June 7th

TIME: 12:00 noon Pacific Time

WHERE: @prettyworthy

24-Hour Campaign to get your FREE suit


With the PRETTY WORTHY 2018 launch, we are offering for a limited time only, a free bathing suit of your choice; participant must pay for the shipping/handling fee.

So, what you need to do is take the above Instagram picture, repost it on your page, and tag them. We’ve done it, already! And, I have to say we are so thrilled with this idea. As you know, the fashion world has a “plus problem.” As does the luxury fashion world. Most often, if we want a plus size, we need to pay extra for it, if it’s even available! the plus community really does get exploited in every way, shape, and form. And, we’ll be discussing some of that all of next week.

Some more about Rosemarie Zack, CEO:

In the prime of her life, Rosemarie Zack has gathered together her creative ideas along with twelve brilliant women, who she calls her Goddess friends, to begin a tidal wave of support for the equality of women. The embodiment of equal justice for all of us truly does not start with anyone but yourself, and for that we are beginning a movement of feeling “pretty worthy” in your own skin.​

Currently, Rosemarie lives in Las Vegas, NV and is blessed by her entrepreneurial and innovative mind to gather other females together, to take a stand in this inspiring movement. Since it’s summer in Sin City, why not begin with feeling empowered in a black bathing suit and being confident in your own skin. Obviously, she could not do this on her own, and therefore connected a force of vibrantly beautiful and intelligent women to join her on this world wide crusade. Life should be lived in the moment, and with a little magic, she has created something for all women to believe in.. themselves.

More about the Pretty Worthy Group from their site:

Our PRETTY WORTHY Campaign could only have worked this successfully for the very fact that twelve of my outstanding friends came together to support this venture, and showcased their worthiness as a woman. Each of them have a story to tell, and I am honored to the moon and back for their artistic contribution to this launch.

There is only enough space here to express how grateful and deeply honored I am that these 13 brilliant women, who believe in the equality of themselves and other women, came together in Las Vegas, Nevada to join and support my company owned by Johana and myself. Their love, friendship and courage allowed this kind of magic to happen, to begin a small revolution in voice, that we are indeed PRETTY WORTHY in the skin we are in.

The models featured in the shot are Jenna Ivory, Johana Sainz, Zarinah Branch, Tifani Blakely, Ana Smith, Mindy Tatti, Jada Willis, Samantha Vitone, Nathalia Domingos, Jennifer Cherry, Rebecca Nabil, Amanda Sainz and Christine Aquino. Check out the video below: