Back in 2016, Mattel released a new, inclusive line of Barbie dolls that strayed from the thin, blue-eyed woman we were so used to seeing. The company created tall, petite, and curvy dolls in a range of skin tones and ethnicities so young girls could see themselves in the dolls they play with.

But one plus-size blogger is still on a mission to create a wider range of body diversity (read: not just hourglass plus-size figures) in the Barbie universe.

Lori “Plus Size Princess” took it upon herself to transform into a plus-size Barbie unlike Mattel has ever created.

The blogger fully committed to the look, pink Barbie box and all.

While the company’s decision to make a curvy doll was obviously a necessary one for inclusivity, Lori is championing more Barbie dolls that go beyond the “ideal” plus-size body.

“It’s 2018 and the standard for beauty has shifted a little, but they are still telling us what we should look like, dress like, and act like. I feel like plastic,” she wrote. “They say hey girl.. sure, you can be curvy but as long as you meet our standards of what we think plus size women should look like. You should have a big butt, big boobs with a small waist to match. Sure, we will create a Barbie for you. let’s just add on some hips and call her curvy Barbie.”

Lori’s photos are proof that there’s no such thing as the “perfect Barbie,” much in the same way there’s no such thing as the “perfect body.”

“Breaking down barriers one box at a time,” she captioned this photo. “Pushing away the notion of being your perfect Barbie. Stepping out of your box and being free of your control. I create my own beauty standards, my own visions, my own goals, in my time not yours.”

Her words are a mantra, and her Barbie space is proudly self-made.

“I have cellulite, scars, and stretch marks, I’m not plastic. I don’t have a hourglass shape but I still look good. I’m fat, not in a ‘aw girl you need to lose weight’ kind of fat, But in the, ‘YES. I’m a size 18, my belly sticks out, and I love all of me kind of fat.’ I love to dance naked in the mirror kind of fat. Still sexy, pretty, beautiful, and worthy kind of fat. Calling me fat will no longer be an insult. I’m not plastic that can be shaped into your perfect woman. I’m a real girl, in a real world. Life’s fantastic, and I refuse to be plastic.”