Hey Bold Readers! Just another quick bold resource for you! This isn’t exactly a body positive or plus size resource, but check out our friends at Practical Wanderlust They have an amazing post entitled 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat which we absolutely adore! Now, I don’t know that I’d call Lia (of Lia and Jeremy) fat. But, who am I to worry about the semantics of an adjective. Definitely curvy and definitely plus! She’s too real and so incredibly savvy! We love it.

From their about us page:

“Lia is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She grew up on an actual farm, with horses and everything. Despite this, she has – for no good reason – always had a Californian accent. The working theory is too many hours spent watching Clueless at a young, impressionable age.

At any rate, after getting her degree in fashion design & apparel merchandising from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) and spending one incredible semester working at Walt Disney World, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. There, she spent several years hopping around various corporate merchandising roles until becoming a Business Systems Analyst, which we’re pretty sure has something to do with computers. She did a lot of important sounding things like optimizing business processes and designing business solutions and stuff that sounds kinda boring unless you happen to do it yourself in which case it’s actually quite fun.

This all took 5 very long years. And during these 5 long years, Lia was hatching a plan. For 5 years she’d been sitting behind her corporate desk dreaming of A Very Big Adventure. Weekend trips, hiking and camping weren’t cutting it – she wanted to travel even more. She wanted a once in a lifetime opportunity to say f*** it and travel. For like, a LONG time. She was a afraid that if she didn’t do it while she was still young, she’d regret it for the rest of her life. So she saved, and she planned, and she dreamed, and she met someone who was down to come along.”

We love this bold resource! It was so great to read Lia’s thoughts about traveling while fat and some of her other incredible articles. Check them out!