Have you heard of the Plus Size Barbie yet? She’s really making headlines. We caught Lori (Plus Size Barbie’s) original article on Revelist and we LOVED the message. Now, normally, when someone has this kind of following, you’ve got to go through publicists and emails and headache. But, we thought, “This plus size professional seems pretty positive. Let’s take a shot.” And after we POLITELY “slid into her DMs” and asked her to interview, she agreed! Just goes to show, ladies and gentlemen, that there is power in being polite. Stop sending weird body parts and swear words. Say nice things and people will generally respond.

But, let’s be real. With over 30,000 followers, we didn’t even think that Lori would have noticed us. Well, she did and we’re so thrilled. What ensued was a series of amazing questions that she answered for us about her “Plus Size Barbie” campaign, her blog, and her overall amazingness as a human being in the plus size community. So, let’s get it into it:

Bold Magazine: Lori, we recently connected after finding you on Instagram. But, we’ve known you as the Plus Size Princess from your amazing Barbie campaign. How did that start? Where did you get the idea from?

Lori: I’ve always wanted to do a Barbie photoshoot. When I was younger I would always say I was a “Plus Size Barbie.” I used to love to dress up and do my makeup. I was looking through one of my sponsors websites, and noticed they started a Plus Size Barbie campaign. The dress reminded me of a dress I had for one of my Barbies when I was younger. I needed to get it!! I started by asking my sister to make a life size Barbie box for me. After, I asked one of my favorite photographers to brainstorm ideas for the shoot. We decided to create a narrative out of it. “A Barbie in a dark toy store…” 
Bold Magazine: Love this! So, what’s the response been?
Lori: The response has been very positive. I’ve had a lot of people write to me and say they wish they had bigger Barbies when they were younger or Barbies that looked like them. I honestly thought the campaign would go more viral but the girls who have been messaging me about how happy they are to see representation was well worth it!

Bold Magazine: Well, we love the statement you made. What’s your goal in the plus size community?

Lori: When I first started my goal was to make plus size women feel confident and beautiful and show them that they can dress how ever they want. I feel like a lot of brands have created plus size brands for profit but they don’t realize the impact and message a real brand can make on the community. Since I have been in the industry I [have seen] a lack of body acceptance and representation for women who have different kinds of bodies that aren’t hourglass shape. See what’s happening is that.. society is saying ‘okay we will accept plus size women but only if their waist is small and their butt and breasts are big.’ They are trying to redefine labels. My new goal for the plus size community is to bring light to different body types. It’s time to accept all bodies!

Bold Magazine: And, you have quite a following to do it with! Tell us all about it! When did you start modeling?

Lori: I started modeling when I was younger, but in that time plus size modeling wasn’t popular so I stopped. I recently started up again about 2 years ago. It’s been 2 years of non stop blogging. Modeling and working with brands.

Bold Magazine: Tell us about the brands you work with. Do you have a favorite?

Lori: When I first started i worked with all the brands that wanted to work with me. Now I am being very picky. I am only working with brands who respect our movement. Who spread positive messages to our community.  As a model, they are all my favorites. As a customer, ASOS and Boohoo are my favorite brands to shop.

Bold Magazine: We love ASOS! So, you’re blogging too? Tell us about your blog!

Lori: I started blogging first as a way to get recognized. Blogging has always be a outlet for me to express myself. Right now, I took a break from blogging to focus on modeling.

Bold Magazine: Awesome! Do you, girl! Where do you see fashion and media going in the plus world? How do you plan to stay involved?

Lori: Fashion is on the right path to making everyone feel equal. I’m hoping that brands will stop separating plus size as a separate Category and just extend sizes. Size inclusive brands are the next step in our movement. I plan to continue representing brands and hopefully one day have my own line with a brand!

Bold Magazine: LOVEEEEE IT! We have to say, you answered us pretty quickly for someone who has that big of a following. Is this something you do often? Why is it important to connect with folks the way you do?

Lori: I answer all of my messages from fans and companies that are respectful. I’m doing this so that i can connect and network with people from all walks of life.

Bold Magazine: What’s next for you? More outreach and statements? Modeling? Planning on taking on a different toy company?

Lori: I’m working on some campaigns. I want to branch out and work with new companies. I’m open to working with different companies.

Bold Magazine: Amazing! Lastly, Lori, what makes you BOLD (unique and awesome)?

Lori: I’m BOLD because I am unapologetically myself. This is me! I’m colorful and I truly believe that colors can help express how we are feeling. We are all unique. There’s something special about us all.