We were wondering the same thing! But apparently she’s the talk of the town (No, seriously, look at our featured image!).  Nimmo is a model we’ve linked up with, recently, who has created something super unique!

“I recently created a hashtag #standuptobeautystandards,” says Nimmo. “I’m hoping to use this hashtag and my platform to encourage all women to stand up to beauty standards by doing what they want, despite what society says! Let your hair go grey, build muscles that are too feminine, wear a bikini even if you have a belly, take the stage, take a picture, apply for your dream job and never let someone’s beauty standards hold you back from wearing, doing, or being whatever the hell you want!”

Ummm… wow! We love this. Hashtags are nothing new to the plus size community. #Effyourbeautystandards, #honormycurves and #vivalacurvy are just a few. But, there really are not enough hashtags that really represent the plus size and bbw community. As you know, we’re all about representation and there is not a lot for the plus community! But, that’s not all!

Lexi Nimmo is also an actress, doing PSA work for Free Life International. “Since 2006,” says Nimmo, “Free for Life International has been fighting for the freedom of those victimized by human trafficking and slavery.” Their PSA will be posted later this Summer and we can’t wait to cover it and post it! But, she also models for Curves With Purpose. From their site:

“Curves with Purpose started decades before it launched, as a student in fashion design school, I watched my own family and friends struggle to find beautiful, quality clothes that fit their shape.  I knew then there was a dire need in the marketplace and nearly two decades later Curves with Purpose evolved to resolve the ongoing need for quality timeless pieces for every purpose. ”

They have an amazing spring/summer line that’s out and we’re going to cover that ASAP! She’ll be featured in their Tennessee pop up shop this June. Yay! We’re super excited to chat with Lexi Nimmo and have reached out for one or our now infamous BOLD ten question Q & A sessions. Fingers crossed that we can make it happen. This beauty is definitely the talk of our town. And, we can’t wait to get talking again!