You know what’s awesome? Plus size peeps! You know what’s even better? Plus size peeps who live in a non-plus-size world! You know what’s even better than better? Plus size peeps who live in a world entirely outside of ours!

That said, meet the “A Paranormal Chicks.” Kerri and Donna are such fun pioneers and entrepreneurs! We love em! Kerri and I have had some fun and amazing conversations and we’re so excited to catch up that beauty and her gorgeous BFF Donna for a big bad interview!

As for their growing plus size following, they’ve said,  “It is not by design but rather by chance. There is a very large culture of individuals who love true crime and paranormal and within that culture is a subculture that is plus size. Donna and I are both a part of social media groups that are designed for ‘murderinos’ as we are called (people who enjoy true crime, a term coined by another podcast)…” some of which are plus size due to the social media groups they are in!

So what is it? From their site, “A Paranormal Chicks” is a podcast that is the brain child of two BFFs and their weird obsessions with things that go bump in the night & the real life monsters who live all around us.

“We believe people relate to us because we look like them, have real-life jobs, and live outside of California. We are one of them!” says the pair!

Each episode consists of 1 paranormal story + 1 true crime story! “Who doesn’t love murder and mystery mixed together?” – Kerri and Donna.

They invite you to “Grab a drink, pull the sheets over your head, and get ready to feel like you’re with your besties at a slumber party.”

Well we are ready! We want to be part of their #ghoulsquad ! Here’s a great live post from their facebook page!


A bit about the pair:

Kerri from A Paranormal Chicks

Kerri is a true crime fanatic!  Pretty sure she single handedly keeps Discovery ID on air.  She is basically Aladdin because when she introduced Donna into the world of podcasts because she showed her a whole new world.  When she isn’t having a lock up or true crime marathon, she enjoys spending time with family, experimenting with makeup, and winning at board games.

Donna, A Paranormal Chicks

Donna is all about the ghost, goblins, and unexplained creepiness in life.  If she isn’t obsessing about the paranormal, she’s spoiling her goldendoodle Marboo.  Her other loves are reality TV, bar trivia, and sweet tea.   And yes, she is aware that her eyebrows look like a mad scientist in this picture.



As per their site, “Tune in each Monday and listen to us creep it real!”

Here are their sites and social media pages: