At Bold, we truly have the fortunate PRIVALEGE of meeting with some of the most amazing women on the planet. Do they happen to be plus size? Yes! Are they bold? Always! And, you’ve noticed that we absolutely HATE that the women in the plus universe have to work nineteen jobs in order to make a living, because the market just doesn’t allow for them to be plus women in media unless they are in the top .02% of that group. And, before you start throwing statistics at me, please remember that plus women earn less than 15% of the salary of their straight size counterparts in media (taken from and

But, our girl Lexi Nimmo just CHOOSES to be everywhere at once! She’s a model, singer, actress, all around amazing human! We love it! check out her last performance down in Tennessee below!



And, we’re excited to say that she’s got an incredible comedy show coming up on July 1st! Buy your seats Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC, since she’ll be co-writing an article. But, while all of this wonderful-ness was happening, we may or may not have caught up with the star about her time in the plus sized world. So, without further delay, check out Lexi’s interview with Bold Magazine, below!

Bold Magazine: Lexi, we love your look and all that you’re doing! When did you start modeling?

Lexi: I started modeling summer of 2017 after my best friend suggested I give it a try! I’ve been acting my whole life and modeling is very similar so I felt right at home in front of the camera!

Bold Magazine: Oh, and you LOOK at home. Trust us! What are the some of the brands you’ve worked with?

Lexi: I’ve worked with some awesome brands local to Tennesse: T-Square Tees, Tennessee Design Shop, Upper Eastside Nashville, and of course Curves With Purpose! I’ve also worked with Toykoshi Headwear, Lingerie Diva and have some new work coming out soon with Sonsie Swimwear, Flirty Kitty Lingerie, and Baci Lingerie!

Bold Magazine: Amazing. And soon to be BOLD! Talk to us about Curves with Purpose. What are they all about?

Lexi:  Curves With Purpose is a size inclusive (S-5x) womens clothing company based out of Nashville TN. They are primarily an online clothing company but they also do occasional pop up shops! Curves With Purpose has high quality fashion for every occasion, that fits the curvy body. Their mission is to create a body positive online shopping experince for women of every shape and size! the owner Nancy Youseff is such an inspirational woman and I believe in her vision so deeply that I’ve tried to be as involved as possible in all things Curves With Purpose! I even occasionally work the pop up shops!

Bold Magazine: Love it! And, we’re going to be doing a story on just them, soon! Also, you’ve recently told us about your new hashtag! What is it? Why did you decide to start it?

Lexi: I am SO excited about this hashtag! #standuptobeautystandards . Societies beauty standards make so many women feel limited. they feel like they have to change themselves to be accepted and refrain from pursing careers and passions because they don’t fit the mold. I used to obsess over weight loss, as if I couldn’t be a whole person until I was an “acceptable” size. I also felt extremely discouraged in pursuing my dream career of being an actress because of my size. people kept telling me “you have a pretty face but you’d be gorgeous if you lost weight. you’re so talented, once you loose weight so many doors will open for you”. I was OVER IT so I decided to stand up to beauty standards. for me this meant calling people out on their rude comments and informing them that I am gorgeous and worthy of success regardless of my size. standing up to beauty stands also meant that I didn’t allow what other people many think control what I did or didn’t do for myself! I began seeking out the spotlight more by going on more auditions, posting more on social media and starting to model; I wasn’t going to hide anymore, time to be unapologetically me! I started this hashtag to encourage other women to do the same! and #standuptobeautystandards can mean something different to everyone! you can #standuptobeautystandards by letting your hair go grey instead of dying it, by posting a proud picture of yourself in a bikini after having a baby, by choosing not to wear makeup every day, by pursuing your dream of body building even though muscles are “masculine”. there are seriously so many ways we can stand up and say “this is me and if you don’t think im beautiful thats YOUR problem”. My dream is to see women of all walks of life posting pics and sharing their stories using #standuptobeautystandards

Bold Magazine: Well, you may not that we’ve been using it on all of our posts! You’re doing some PSA work! Tell us about that!

Lexi: I recently had the honor of acting in a PSA for Free For Life International. Free For Life International is an organization who’s mission is the identification, assistance, and restoration of human trafficking victims and survivors. human trafficking is a huge issue globally including right here in America. The CEO Gabrielle Thompson doe incredible work and I was so moved by what I learned of her organization, that I decided to become more involved. I highly recommend following them facebook and instagram to learn more and see how we can help! The PSA will be posted online later this summer and will be available for viewing world wide.

Bold Magazine: So, you’re hitting multiple areas of the plus community. How do you have time for it all?

Lexi: Thats a really great question! honestly, I make time by sacrifice. I choose the hustle over recreation and sometimes even sleep! I am of the belief that if you are truly passionate about something and you want it badly enough, you will do whatever it takes! even if that means working 7 days a week, and trading in some down time for dream chasing!

Bold Magazine: Ugh! We do too! We recently had a conversation offline about men and their treatment of plus size (and all women) on the internet. How do we put a stop to that?

Lexi:  Two ways. the first, and most obvious way is to CALL THEM OUT. When a man harasses or offends you online, tell him how disgusting, inappropriate and childish he is behaving then shut him down completely by blocking him, don’t worry about being polite. the second way to put a stop to the way men mistreat women online is to teach little boys how to behave online. Its up to parents to set a good example and have a conversation with their boys about how women should be treated both on and offline. the old ‘boy will be boys” is over and with the #metoo and #timesup movement we won’t stand for it!

Bold Magazine: Oh, we have been having fun calling them out! Let me tell ya! Topic change: Where do you see plus size fashion and media going? How do you plan on staying involved?

Lexi: Plus size media and fashion [have] definitely found its own place to shine, we’re certainly not hiding anymore. but we’re not necessarily included. we’re off to a great start but for the future I see plus sized bodies being fully accepted and represented in every clothing line, movie, fashion show, television show and more! I plan on continuing to spread the message of body positivity and encouraging women of all size to stop hiding and start taking the spotlight! I will continue to tirelessly pursue my acting and modeling career and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

Bold Magazine: Love it! What’s next for you? What can we expect from Lexi Nimmo?

Lexi: I’m headed to Full Figured Fashion Week [we caught Lexi before her trip and we’ve been so backed up, we haven’t been able to post this!] in New York City where I hope to network with some amazing industry professionals and influencers! I’m also launching a Youtube Channel in august! On my channel, I’ll post a variety of videos including story times, modeling and acting tips/lessons, rants, look books, comedy sketches, and more! my vision for my youtube channel is for it to be a melting pot of my passions and a way for me to authentically express my true self!

Bold Magazine: Lastly, Lexi, what makes you BOLD (unique and awesome

Lexi: What make me bold? My loud mouth! LOL- just kidding! I’ve been through hell and back battling with mental illness, leaving an abusive marriage and going through a messy divorce (all by the time I was 25!) it really is true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Nothing scares me anymore and I’m determined to live my best life!

We love to hear that Lexi! Be Bold!



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