Okay, okay okay… by now you’ve seen every swimsuit campaign there is, right? WRONG! Have you heard of our girl Rosemarie Zack and her incredible “Pretty Worthy” bathing suit line? Well, ya damn well should have! We’ve written two articles about it and interviewed one of her star models, Tifani Blakely, official queen of makeup at the Vegas Bash! And, there are more to follow with her all-star lineup of models! We have been working with Rosemarie for weeks to make sure she has all of the exposure she needs as one of our Bold Resource. We’ve been so busy that we totally forgot to post the amazing interview we did with her, her last week. What shame! Well, we finally caught up with Rosemarie and were able to put this together for you. So, here’s our infamous ten questions on Rosemarie, the bold Pretty Worthy marketing goddess!

Bold Magazine: Rosemarie, we recently connected after finding your amazing video on a news site. What’s going on with Pretty Worthy? Tell us ALL please!

Rosemarie: The latest news with Pretty Worthy is that we finished a marvelous campaign in the first week of June with an entourage of gorgeous woman of all shapes and sizes, and we gave away free black bathing suits to those who participated. It was of a tremendous success collaborating with all of my good friends, who supported the idea of women empowerment. As basic as it sounds, the name of my company is just that; feeling “pretty worthy” in the skin that you’re in right now, without making excuses on how you look or feel. A positive energy of vibration which resides within inside each of us can truly manifest miracles when you put your attention into good things, and from this, I wanted to celebrate the joy of simply being a woman. I think we did that very well for our launch in Las Vegas.

Bold Magazine: What was your motivation?

Rosemarie: To make something spectacular happen with other women, was my motivation. To take an idea and make it become real. In all actuality we are all inspired by bathing suits, and I wanted to give this project a purpose. From that, I invited all of my amazing friends to participate and then everything just fell into place.

Bold Magazine: And, what has the response been?

Rosemarie: The response was a lovely start for us. Even though it was not gargantuan in numbers, it was monumental in the connections we made from women across the United States who loved what we are doing.

During this time, we have gotten a numerous amount of congratulatory and highly supportive letters from so many women, where they were proud to be a part of this project. Meaning they felt included in our mission. Also, there have been a multitude of inquiries of ladies asking “how can they be a part” of our next campaign. Since we are brand new Pretty Worthy is humbly grateful with individuals such as yourself who help us get the word out, to really make some waves. However, for now we got a good running start and will continue to grow gradually with the expansion of what is to come.

Bold Magazine: Gosh, you work with some beauties, how do you meet these amazing people?

Rosemarie: Indeed I do work with a menagerie of beauties, and each of my lovely women are gorgeous on the inside, as well as the out. With residing in Vegas it’s a wonderful city for networking and making friends everywhere you go. The key is to keep your personal and business connections with integrity, kindness and compassion with those you do meet, because you never know when someone from your past can collaborate with you. My motto is mingle with everyone, and give gratitude everywhere you go. With me, I’ve been quite fortunate to know a great group of girls who are always willing to work and contribute their time with one of my projects. That to me is an honor to have this type of a gift in friendship.

Bold Magazine: So, you’re hitting multiple areas of the plus community and others, as well. How do you have time for it all?

Rosemarie: When a person has an enthusiastic passion for business, as in turning an idea into something tangible, time always exists. For me, I basically sit in front of my computer 24/7 sifting through all of my new visions for inspiring endeavors to be made into reality. An idea is just an idea, but when this is put into action, many things come from it. So when I successfully come across a project rich in design knowing it will work from beginning to end, I therefore work diligently on the structure of it and then grow it into a financial and creative reality for me. When you love what you do, time really does not exist the way it does as if I worked a 9 to 5 job. As an independent artist, one has to be structured with a plan of action to make anything work.

Bold Magazine: This is not your only business, tell us about the others!

Rosemarie: Pretty Worthy is a branch off of other businesses I have developed. For me, it’s important to interlink everything together, so it benefits all that I put my time and effort into. For example, I currently own a trademark Internet company called Filthy Laundry which was officially established in 2015, where I designed women’s printed underwear in the beginning and then it catapulted to extending my clothing collection into a wide variety of sublimated apparel; such as bathing suits, printed bikinis, leggings, really cool hoodies and sweatpants, trouser socks, booty shorts and even umbrellas. With sublimation printing the sky is the limit to what you can design on, and then making it into something wearable with amazing colors and patterns. With this business, I have the availability to design up to 5XL with some of my clothing pieces. I am known as @sneakapuss on my Instagram account.

Bold Magazine: Where do you see plus size fashion and media going? How do you plan on staying involved?

Rosemarie: Today’s woman is real, and curvy and voluptuous, as well as being beautifully fuller bosomed. Even though I am not a plus size woman, I completely understand the importance of finding the right fit no matter what size you are. However, to answer your question, I see the plus size fashion expanding where large clothing is becoming more prominent, and the market for it is growing in many avenues. The media loves women in general, so to me it does not matter what size a woman is to command attention. Fads come and go, but the realm of fashion is to make sure that designers accommodate women of all body shapes.

For me, I plan on staying involved in the plus size industry, as well as the standard size fashion with my current businesses. With Pretty Worthy, we are designing an Ambassador Program for our women who would like to promote our line of bathing suits. As an ambassador, this will give a young lady or a woman the opportunity to try out our new products that we introduce, as well as getting discounts on everything they purchase.

Bold Magazine: Talk to us about your body positivity. This is incredible. What’s your goal?

Rosemarie: My body positivity is to love who I am at this very moment, no matter what I may think is wrong with my figure. As women in general we seek to admire the good, but unfortunately we also habitually point out the bad within us. My motto is to be present in the now and to embrace what is staring back at you in that goddess mirror of yours. Constructive emotional vibes begin in the brain first, and then trickles down from that. Without a daily positive mindset, a woman will inevitably compare herself to others and be in the rhythm of constant judgment. Self-criticism always turns to this negative chatter in your mind, and who has time for that. My dilemma with my own personal body positivity, is when I have been told that I am too skinny with no boobs. Hearing this all of my life, even though I have observed the good compliments over the years, I still have some negative thought patterns about my own body frame. However, at the age of fifty-two I realize now that I am quite beautiful exactly how I am, and I have the right to celebrate that. For me, I know that it would be wise to exercise daily and this is my goal for the remainder of this year.

Bold Magazine: What’s next for you and Pretty Worthy?

Rosemarie: My next step for Pretty Worthy are many things. First, I am getting things prepared and ordered from my manufactures of all of the fabulous free bathing suits we are giving away. It’s important for me to take care of this initial aspect of our business. While waiting for my products to come in, I am also sending out individual emails to all of the participants who ordered a complimentary suit. Communication is key. Therefore, it’s noteworthy to make sure I personally reach out to everyone individually who took the time to contribute to our launch to say “thank you” in a genuine way.

Secondly, because summer is here I am getting our Ambassador Program finalized so that we can offer it to our ladies who may be interested to promote us. This will be announced very soon before the end of June of this year.

Also, we are adding more plus size swim suits to our Pretty Worthy website and I am in the process of showcasing these suits in the next 2 weeks.

Lastly, I would like to start an on-line magazine which will be attached to our website. Showcasing and interviewing women of all ages and body types and putting them on our spotlight media. It’s important to me to understand what women want, how they feel about themselves and what they are doing to change our world. Because in the end, life goes by too fast and it’s pivotal to speak our minds and add to society in a positive way.

Bold Magazine: Lastly, Rosemarie, what makes you BOLD?

Rosemarie: What makes me BOLD is my poetic voice. You see, I am a poetess and write quite frequently, and it’s essential for me to express my thoughts anyway I can in the most colorful way through language! With being unique, my gift is that I am an Empath, which is another story to tell. And lastly, what makes me awesome is that I have a heart of gold and wish to make friends everywhere I travel. Because with fabulous friends life becomes more magical. And the only way to celebrate your gifts that you possess, is with a bunch of your good friends. Just make sure you come through the door with a great attitude and a bottle of chilled champagne to toast to the grandeur of life.

With the conclusion of this interview, I would like to personally thank my models (not in any particular order): Jenna Ivory, Johana Sainz, Zarinah Branch, Tifani Blakely, Ana Smith, Mindy Tatti, Jada Willis, Samantha Vitone, Nathalia Domingos, Jennifer Cherry, Rebecca Nabil, Amanda Sainz and Christine Aquino.

Also, to our stellar photographer David Rastatter with Stattic Frames.

And lastly to News KTNV-TV Channel 13 in Las Vegas. It takes many people to build the bridge we are on, and I am grateful to everyone who have participated in the Pretty Worthy campaign.