Beautiful You! stories are some of our favorites to write, here at Bold! They are about you, our readers, our models, our Instagram followers, who message us or contact us and have something to say. We recently linked up with Stephanie “Vanilla Thickness” Williams to discuss some of her ventures and we’re excited to interview her, next week.
Have you heard of Xlence Plus Las Vegas Bash in July! Some of the most beautiful women host one of the best parties around! One of them is Stephanie, AKA “Vanilla Thickness.”
Stephanie started modeling at the end of 2015. After a pretty bad relationship/break-up, Stephanie’s self esteem needed a boost so she decided to enter a plus size modeling competition in Las Vegas, Nevada! What started as a confidence builder ended up with Stephanie winning the pageant! Since the pageant, she’s been working with Plush as one of their PlushBBW models! We can’t wait to see her at the bash, this July!
Stephanie is also involved with the “Thick N Thicker” network that represents the plus size community and body positivity in Las Vegas. She recently traveled to our hood, the fabulous New York and appeared on a Radio show with the founder of Thick N Thicker and did a photo shoot. Next year, her photo shoot will include a runway fashion show! Can you believe that? Stephanie also appears on the Barstool Podcast every 3 months with “Jarreau” to discuss being a plus size model in today’s society. Her Instagram can be found here.
Stephanie is a busy gal. When she’s not modeling, she is working on her Zumba license (BBW Zumba? we love it!). She’s building a calendar for all of your BBW loves (hmmm…. we’re working on one, too. Let’s talk more, Stephanie!). She has NINE children (can you believe that?) And, she’s been a registered nurse for over 10 years! Not bad, Stephanie. The 42 year old model looks like she’s 25 and has the energy of a teenager.
“I am a mom first and foremost and am trying to teach my kids that no matter you age, weight, profession, set your goals high and you can be anything you want to be and don’t let anyone tell you different and to follow your dreams. Im out here standing right next to these 20 years olds and they have nothing on me and I am proud at how far I have come.” – Stephanie “Vanilla Thickness” Williams
We’re so excited to interview her soon! Can’t wait to show you more. Be Bold!