Ugh! We can’t get enough of our A Paranormal Chicks.  We just did a recent info article on them and they have been gracious enough to bless our pages with a full interview! Donna and Kerri are so much fun! Usually the folks that we interview are models or TV stars. And ladies, there is NOTHING wrong with that. In fact, we love our modeling community (let’s be real, Chris). But, these plus size babes pair their beauty and brains with the spirits of others. That’s pretty bad ass! We invited Kerri and Donna to chat with us, last week, to tell us about their amazing tales of ghouls and ghosts. They are two of the funniest and smartest ladies on the interwebs! Gorgeous, smart, and silly? Refer to themselves as chicks? What’s better? Do the like pizza? Get your tinder fingers swiping, young lads! But, they are probably too busy for you! It took us weeks to get a hold of them! So, without further delay, here’s our interview with the A Paranormal Chicks

Bold Magazine: Paranormal Chicks, we recently connected after finding you on Instagram. What are you all about? Tell us the story!

Chicks: We are a pair of normal chicks who like to talk about abnormal things. We have a love for true crime, all things paranormal, and the reasons behind each. Every episode Donna tells a paranormal story and Kerri tells a true crime story. Through comedy and conversational storytelling, delve in to figure out why people commit crimes and the origins of the paranormal stories.

Bold Magazine: What made you start this business?

Chicks: We both have a love for podcasts, true crime, and talking.. so it just seemed to make sense!

Bold Magazine: Totally does! So, you are two bold beauties. And, you seem to attract some curvy chicas, as well! How does that happen?

Chicks: We think people gravitate towards people from which they identify.  We joke around and say we are Extra Large pizzas in a world full of Personal Pans.  Since we are completely open and honest, other Plus Size women (and men!) feel comfortable with us.  We hope that if they have any insecurities, they will become more comfortable with themselves.  Our mantra is to “Creep it real!” 

Bold Magazine: LOL! Creep it real? We Love it! What’s the response been to your paranormal podcast?

Chicks: The response has been overwhelmingly positive!  The best outcome has been a closed Facebook group for our listeners.  It’s a space where people can share all things true crime and paranormal, in addition to anything else going on in their lives.  The group is closed for added privacy so they can completely share their thoughts.   We call it our “Creepster Coven,” but they are our family.  And everyone is welcome to join!

Bold Magazine: We want to join! Is there a secret password? Or do you have to be besties with you? Anyway, how did you all link up?

Chicks: We have actually known each other since 2nd grade circa 1992, but have been besties since 9th grade!  We were even roommates in college, and in those tiny dorm rooms, you get know ALL about each other.  LOL.

Bold Magazine: That’s for sure! So, what’s your goal as you continue to keep your podcast going?

Chicks: We are excited to grow in many areas.  One of which is going to various places and investigate.  We want to record that experience and share with our community.  Additionally, we would love to do meet ups where we actually get to interact face to face with everyone!

Bold Magazine: We’re getting into events too! Let’s “collab” as the kids say. Do you all have day jobs? We always love to hear about them. They are usually so different from our “side gigs,” right?

Chicks: Kerri has her doctorate in occupational therapy. She is an occupational therapist at a local clinic where she helps people with various orthopedic injuries return to doing what they love.

Donna has her bachelor’s degree in history, but decided she did not want to teach because she doesn’t like kids! She works from home, with the podcast mascot- her dog Marboo- as an inside sales rep for a technology company.

Bold Magazine: Okay smarty pants! Talk to us about your body positivity. Have you seen challenges in your personal or professional lives as plus women?

Chicks: As women, especially plus size women, we are always growing and learning to love ourselves. We have learned to dress for success and for ourselves- not what others expect from a plus size woman. We have chosen to exude confidence on the outside that is already within ourselves. There will always be challenges in our personal and professional lives, but through channels such as the podcast and BOLD magazine, we will continue to face challenges as they come and pave the way for younger plus size women.

Bold Magazine: Well you’re doing a lovely job, and looking good doing it! What’s next for you? What can we expect?

Chicks: Live interactions, both on location and through social media as we continue to grow our Creepster Coven.

  1. Bold Magazine: You have a fan, here! Lastly, Chicks, what makes you BOLD?

Chicks: We think any Plus Size woman who puts herself out there for public scrutiny, both physically and intellectually, is BOLD [Bold Note: We agree!].  We are unique in that we break the mold of what one might envision a Southern Belle.  We have all the southern charm, but worldly ideals and experiences.  We have hearts of gold and mouths of a sailor.