Hey Bold readers! Chris here, again, just reminding you to support our amazing Bold Models! These amazing women dedicate their time and energy to Bold Media and Bold Magazine, attending our Plus Positive events, working with our sponsors, and making sure the Bold Cause is constant in everyone’s mind. We’ve had some recent announcements we wanted to make about our amazing and stunning Bold Models! 

Mel Mayhem has recently been named our Modeling Manager and will be responsible for coordinating our social media takeovers and coordinating sponsorships. Mel is an absolutely incredibly loyal asset to the Bold team and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without her. You may also recognize her from her Bold Icon image in the month of June!

But, it is now July and Vanity Voux is our Bold July Instagram Icon! She won our amazing #BeBoldJuly contest and you’ll see her beautiful face and bold body on our Instagram and Twitter all month!

We have two brand new models who have joined the team, this past week! We’d like to Welcome Lexi Nimmo and Aby Deal. Due to a technicality in the contest drawing, Aby Deal came in a close second on our Instagram Bold Icon Model Contest and will also be our August Bold Icon! Go Aby!

You can find all of our amazing Bold Babes (as they’ve named themselves, certainly no disagreement coming from our CEO) on our “The Bold Team” Page! But just a little snippet about them from our CEO, Christopher Salute:

Mel Mayhem is one of the most driven and most incredible people in the plus world. From head to toe, she is such a beauty. We call her the Queen of Bold because she is absolute royalty from her confidence to all of the work she puts into the kingdom! Every second of the day, she is off to a new shoot. And, photographers are dying to work with her. Just take a look and you won’t wonder why. And, who doesn’t love that accent when she’s yelling at boys to be respectful on our Instagram!





Justine Kay is one of the fastest rising stars on YouTube and such an incredible talent. We love kicking back, grabbing a drink, and watching her amazing (sometimes hilarious) YouTube commentary videos. CEO Christopher Salute still owe her and her hubby an Instagram serenade! Her style is so unique and gorgeous, and we love her funny quips! 






Bailey Hannah is such a natural beauty, we couldn’t let possibly let her go without begging her to become a Bold Babe. Some women just have a look and she definitely has it! Whether she’s in a bikini or a sunhat, her curves are absolutely killer!





Amazing Amy is the queen of the BBW Bash scene! She has traveled the country making the boys drool when she watches the door at BBW Bashes all along the coast. We’re so glad she let us talk her into becoming a Bold Babe so she can do it, online, too! We can’t wait too see some of her incredible articles coming out, ranging from “Phrases in the BBW Community” to “10 Things to Remember when Dating a Fat Girl.” Beauty and brains, huh? We dig it! 






Gabby Escamilla joined our Bold Babes team on the spot during one of our Plus Positive events. New to the modeling scene, she doesn’t quite understand how stunning she is, yet. Maybe all of the Instagram likes this month will help 😉






Vanity Voux is such an incredibly gorgeous and talented model. With nearly 50,000 Instagram followers, she’s definitely one of the most dominant forces on Instagram, with friends in very high places. Not only is she stunning, she is constant wealth of mentorship and knowledge for our team! What an amazing gift she has for making people feel comfortable around such beauty!




Lexi Nimmo is one of the newest members of the Bold Babes team and is absolute fire! She has a knack for working the camera and her themed shoots are absolutely gorgeous. It was hard to even pick the picture for this page because she is so stunning in every single shot! We love love love when she decides to send us more pictures on a whim! There are so many to be in awe over!



Aby Deal is the latest and last member of the Bold Babes team, but is absolutely not the least. She’s absolutely got the BBW Community on lock, and how could you wonder why. She loves the camera and the camera loves her back. Whether it’s our latest joint hashtag #cardiganstobikinis or her entrance into the night club scene, Aby’s wheels never stop turning (which may be why we get along!). There’s something about the way people are drawn to her that is absolutely mesmerizing and we can’t wait to see more! 



In honor of our models, Bold Magazine is going to be putting out some brand new Bold Babe clothing! So, stay tuned. And, we’re happy to announce that 50% of profits from clothing sales will go towards supplementing the income of models in the BBW and Plus Size community, helping them pay for photo shoots, business cards, etc. We’d like to be as cool and as helpful as our Bold Babes are, every day, to their communities. Let’s hope we can even come close!



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