DISCLAIMER: While We find the images and verbiage in this interview completely SAFE FOR WORK, please be advised that the following article contains:

  • The phrase Adult Films
  • The phrases Porn and Pornography
  • A partially nude body mostly covered by another adult model

Jennifer Cherry, Dirty Diva Entertainment

There are many areas of the plus size and BBW communities that other websites and magazines simply won’t touch. From the word “fat” to books on sexuality, the size conversation can tend to make folks pretty uncomfortable. But, pair that with the adult film industry and you’re probably going to watch a few people leave the room. Adult films make up a multi-billion dollar industry. We’ve touched on some statistics, before. 11,000 new adult films are released every single year, with a total of 72 MILLION (yes MILLION) unique visits hitting those sites, per month (to give you an understandding of what that means, we average about 7,500 unique visits per month). 60% of all website visits on the internet are sexual in nature.

Unfortunately, BBW or Plus size adult films are too small of a niche to have their own pool of statistics. According to Jennifer Cherry of Dirty Diva Entertainment, there just aren’t enough viewers out there, compared to straight sizes. Still, hundreds of thousands of viewers log on to these sites! Oh, by the way, you remember Jennifer, don’t you? She was one of the GO

Jennifer Cherry poses in Pretty Worthy Swimsuit

RGEOUS models featured during the Pretty Worthy Swimsuit Campaign. Well, aside from being an incredible model (I mean look at the way she’s loving that camera in those strappy flats and bikini), Cherry is the owner of Dirty Diva Entertainment. Yes, it’s an adult film production company. The adult film world is littered with rumors (positive and negative) and a range of professionalism from amateurs who upload to “tube sites” (free adult film clip sites) to full production houses who distribute DVDs and streaming videos. There are very few BBW only organizations and very few female owned organizations. Well, Jennifer Cherry is in a unique position to impact the industry in a positive way. We are so excited to let you in on our discussion with Cherry! So, kick back, relax, and have a listen. And of course, BE BOLD.



Jennifer Cherry and talent with Dirty Diva Entertainment