The other day, I was at a family BBQ with one of our amazing Bold Babes, Amazing Amy. And, we were discussing the types of chairs that were laid out for the event and how that may impact the comfort level of a plus size person. We are so excited to work with our event planners on some Plus Positive Events. But,  what if you were at a venue, restaurant, theater, wherever that was not “fat friendly?” Well, Fat Girl Reviews has you covered!

“Fat Girl Reviews (FGR) is a safe online community with reviews submitted for and by people of non-conventional body types from their unique perspective. Potential customers often cannot determine before purchase, booking, or arrival if their body type will restrict access to a service, experience, or product. FGR’s main goal is to empower and embolden people via these reviews to feel comfortable trying a new place, service, or adventure. With the data from these reviews, their hope is to drive change by working with businesses to make them more inclusive.” – Lana Hazou, owner of Fat Girl Reviews

From their site:

At FGR, we want to drive positive change by empowering uncommon people with the knowledge and comfort to explore and share new experiences. With each review, we hope to enlighten businesses with information that will allow them to perhaps change one or two things to increase their market potential and grow revenue.

Just think about it…if a restaurant knew that they were losing customers because their chairs are just too small and uncomfortable, perhaps they would get new chairs in order to increase their customer base. Or say that rock climbing place you always wanted to try doesn’t provided a harness large enough to support you. If they knew they could get 5 more regular customers by simply investing in one or two additional harnesses, perhaps they would.

Many have asked me “So, why the name Fat Girl Reviews?” Well, why not? I’m tired of “fat” being a bad word! And hey, it has a ring to it doesn’t it? So welcome and I hope you find these reviews beneficial and I hope you add your own voice and perspective to ours.

“I started this concept of FGR years ago when I first tried to go sky diving. Oh boy, what an experience that was! I’d been wanting to try it for years, was always hesitant and kept having scheduling issues. Finally, for an aunt’s birthday, I bought her a jump and figured I’d go with her. I did my prep work, I reviewed the company’s website for weight limitations, etc. and I was 20 lbs. below the maximum weight. I thought great, good to go! When I called and scheduled our jumps, I verbally confirmed the weight limit and was assured I was fine to jump. Well, we get there and sit through the training video and getting weighed on a scale in front of everyone. Eventually, my aunt was called to get ready for her jump, she was equipped with her pack and went up in the plane. As she was on her way down, I was still waiting to hear my name called. I started to notice that people keep looking over at me and I started to feel like something was wrong, I was getting “the vibe.” Finally, this guy made his way on over, looking all sheepish, and started to explain to me that he was the owner of the company and wanted to talk to me. He said that I could not jump. At first he seemed embarrassed and then when I questioned why, he got defensive. Needless to say, I could not jump because I was too big. He said it wasn’t only my weight, but the combination of my weight and my body type. I tried to matter-of-factly explain that I had checked the website and called to confirm if there was a weight limit and that no where did they mention a “body type” limitation so perhaps he should update the site and his staff. He then got even more defensive and turned it around on me saying this could be a goal for me to lose weight and on and on and on…I then grew angry at his assumptions and tried to shut him down. For years I did not attempt to go sky diving again. This experience always flashed in my head when I wanted to try anything remotely adventurous. And hell, I love adventurous stuff! Pretty much anything that pumps the adrenaline. I went on to do a lot more things over the years and wanted to convey my experiences in the hopes that I could inform others like me. Hence, FGR was born.” – Lana Hazou, Fat Girl Reviews

We at Bold are so excited to say that we’ll be partnering with Fat Girl Reviews for review content! We can’t wait for them to start sending their amazing reviews to our site! They are so bold! Check out their links, below!

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