Sometimes, you come across a piece of media that’s so on point with its message. “Unlabeled” by Isabelle is one of those pieces, but it just so happens to be beautiful. Isabelle’s song is one of a kind. Released in 2017, Unlabeled is about our labels. The lyrics “don’t try… to color me in….” are so powerful in their meaningful message to not fit into any boxes or labels.

You can find the official video HERE. Isabelle is an incredible artist, beautiful and curvy with such a talent! After posting our original post, we’re glad we caught up with her, last week. she got back us to talk about her song. Check out our conversation, below!

Bold Magazine: Isabelle, we recently connected after finding your amazing video, Unlabeled. What’s the song about?

Isabelle: “Unlabeled” is about stripping away all the negativity that we put on ourselves and other put on us as well…it’s about throwing away all the reasons why you are ‘Not” enough, and loving yourself just the way you are.

Bold Magazine: Love it! Is this the only body positive message you share? Tell us how it started!

Isabelle: I moved to LA and I was sick of being labeled the “fat” or “overweight singer…I was so frustrated that I wrote “Unlabeled” as my battle cry.

Bold Magazine: No kidding! We hear that! You sure are a beauty, yourself. Have you struggled at all due to your body shape?

Isabelle: Aww thank you! oh yeah for sure! I have walked into rooms and they say…pretty face but she isn’t a size 2, and I would be written off just like that.

Bold Magazine: Blech! Well, what’s the response been to the song?

Isabelle: The response has been overwhelming… 1.5 million views, so many incredible messages and comments about how this video has helped so many overcome their own battles…it has been very humbling.

Bold Magazine: Love it! Have you been touring at all? What have you been up to?

Isabelle: I have been busy getting new music and videos ready. We are touring at the end of the year which is really exciting!

Bold Magazine: Amazing! We can’t wait to watch you on tour! Unlabeled seems to be really making an impact. What’s your goal in the plus size/curvy community?

Isabelle: My goal is to uplift people who never have felt worthy of pursuing their passion and dreams. There aren’t enough women speaking out in the music industry saying “hey it is ok to have curves and lines and ‘imperfections.’ ” I want to be that for girls everywhere in music…I want everything I do to be empowering.

Bold Magazine: Sweet! You empower our readers for sure! Where do you see media going as it relates to young women? How have you decided you’re going to help?

Isabelle: It has become scary and incredible all at the same time…Social media has this way of making everything look so “perfect” from the outside, but we all know life is never perfect. I am so proud of the girls though who speak out on this and aren’t afraid to show their true colors. We need to start showing our true selves.

Bold Magazine: Talk to us about your body positivity. Where do you get this energy and motivation from?

Isabelle: I was just tired…tired of not loving myself, of not being enough for society or myself…life is too short to not love the body you have. I promote being healthy but being you…we are not all made to be one size.

Bold Magazine: What’s next for you?

Isabelle: I have released another single since “Unlabeled” called “Weathered” and will be releasing a song a month so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Bold Magazine: Yes! We’re so excited! Lastly, Isabelle, what makes you BOLD?

Isabelle: I know exactly who I am and exactly what I want out of life and I am not afraid to go get it.