Hey Bold readers (and apparently artists!). We find a lot of our readers are also Plus Size models (or at least Instagram and social media hobbyists). Some of our Bold Babes were just chatting about resources to help themselves grow as models. There are so many amazing products and services out there that you can find to get your name out there, better! I know that our amazing model, Vanity Voux, is getting ready to show you all some pretty cool DIY projects to help make you look your best in front of the camera! But, there are also great photographers and artists who will work with you to build your brand! Of course, beware of those folks who love to exploit our community by asking for nude photos, and, yes, even attempting to sleep with models they work with in lieu of payment.

It’s a crazy world out there. Thank goodness for kind hearted and creative folks who want to grow with the plus sized community! Meet “Neoqlassical!” We’re working on a great new interview with her, soon. And, we’re so thrilled! She’s got some incredible pieces, showcasing men and and women of all shapes, sizes, color, etc.

Neoqlassical creates art which celebrates the beauty in everyone, regardless of size, shape, color or level of ability, celebrates flaws, and encourages us see value in our most seemingly ordinary features.” – Neoqlassical 

Neoqlassical is in the midst of researching website ideas. But, as of now, you can find her incredible artwork right on her Instagram account HERE. We’re so excited to chat with her and talk about her art! In the meantime, check her out, and see if you can commission her! It’s great to support other members of the community and we’re so happy to promote artists like her! Be sure to support and look for our interview. bring on that natural beauty! And, of course, be bold!