Hey! get your Instagram update bold readers! Make sure you post some awesome question stickers so people can ask you about yourself. We tried it, today, and some of us even got marriage proposals. But, not our friend, Madeline [name changed for privacy purposes]. Madeline was asked over and over why she won’t lose weight. What is wrong with her? Why is she promoting obesity? Everywhere she turned, someone was trolling her and trying to make her feel less than. We made sure to ask her a few positive questions to help. But, it’s not our responsibility to make up for trolls on the internet.

This isn’t the first time Madeline has experienced trolling. And, it’s certainly not isolated. Some of the most prominent plus sized influencers, models, and actresses are served negativity on the web. Have you met Britnee Rochelle, yet? Rochelle is a well known model with Xehar Clothing (Bold Resource article coming soon because Xehar rocks) out of the West Coast. She’s beautiful, confident, successful, and curvy. Her unique look and style drew us in, immediately. We’ve been so entranced with Rochelle for months and were so glad she let us in on this little incident she faced as the summer kicked off, on Instagram. We can’t seem to find the post, at the moment. But, @rosegal_official had posted Rochelle in one of their beautiful tummy bearing one piece bathing suits. Rochelle, who is no stranger to their clothes (amongst other big name models), was posed next to a tree in what looked like a beautiful park. Below are the comments that Rochelle faced from some of their followers:











Comments ranged, but there were a number of people asking Rochelle why she would ever wear something like that bathing suit. Although, if you read closely, most women were saying that they just couldn’t imagine wearing it (looks more like self hatred, to me). Rochelle brought this incident to our attention and we were appalled. No fault, of course, to the designer. And, we’re so glad to see that some folks offered positive comments or asked why these women were bashing a beautiful confident comfortable woman!

Rochelle is not the only woman to face this level of negativity. We have had our shares of plus negativity, with our followers asking if our models were blocking the entire pool! Yuck! And, you should see some of the commenters who trolled Chrissy Metz after she said she’d love to play a super hero! We were going to write a response to their comments, but decided against that negativity. And, don’t worry, Metz may have a plus size superhero to play soon! And, we’re covering the production!

We’ve discussed the infinite amount of ways that a plus size Instagram user can post while dealing with “haters.” Aby Deal deletes the comments. Others go head too head with the abusers, shaming them back. There is no right or wrong way to take care of the issue. It’s totally up to you. We just want you to know that you’re not alone. Burn the cardigan and wear the bikini. Wrap yourself in color. Put on something tight. Don’t stop being you or being bold! We’re here to support. Thanks to Britnee Rochelle for allowing us the use of her photos and name for this incident (Rochelle is in our featured image with Boardroom Blonde and Megan Hillard; this was from her Instagram account).