Hey Bold Babes! We’re so excited to announce that our August Social Media Icon Model is none other than our very own “Official Bold Babe” Model, Aby Deal. You remember Aby, don’t you? The Curvy Chic Chick has been really crushing her Instagram game. She’s also just been appointed our Director of Marketing and Sales. And, interesting enough, she technically won the Bold July Modeling contest! Unfortunately, because she didn’t exactly follow the rules to a tee, we had to award another contestant, but it sparked some amazing conversations like:
1- “Hey girl, you got a lot of “likes!: Why don’t we make you our August Model?”
2-  “Um… also, your pics are pretty FIRE! Want to model for us?” [Fingers Crossed]
3- “Oh hey, you hate cardigans? We hate them too! let’s share a hashtag!” #cardiganstobikinis all day every day!
4- “Oh, you like wearing tank tops? Let’s co-design some!” [Be on the look out!]
And, eventually, Aby won our hearts and has just been offered the job of Marketing and Sales Director here at Bold. So, if your brand is in need of a boost, be sure to hit her up so that she can show you how to advertise with us!
So, what has Aby “The Real” Deal (sorry, Aby, we had to) been up to over this past month since we awarded her the August Model Spot? Well… A lot!
For starters, she’s been building her very own brand within CurvyChicChick to promote body positivity in the Plus Size Community!
“I’ve created an blog to track my journey and discuss my experiences in the community,” says Aby. You you can find her website redesign, we’re going to give her a major shout out! But, if she wants to advertise…. I guess she’ll have to call herself? Hey, do you think you can get yourself a deal, Aby Deal?
Deal is also working with some pretty “awesome plus size ladies to bring an fun and energetic size acceptance environment to Las Vegas.” She’s been spreading the word about some big October 6th event! What a mysterious marketer she is. We need to book our flight because we don’t want to miss it!!!!! And, of course, our very own Curvy Chic Chick has been an amazing representative of Bold to promote diversity in the plus size community. We’re so proud of you, Aby Deal! Be Bold!