Well, Happy Tuesday Bold Babes!! Man oh man, we are just so excited about our site redesign! Our website will be completely switched over by Monday, August 6th, which totally means we will be posting and previewing from our Plus Positive Pool Party this Saturday. But, it’s all good! We’re so excited to show you what we’ve come up with. And, we’ve got some KILLER articles on the way, some pretty sweet interviews, and some amazing features about body positivity, women in media, weight discrimination, the world of fashion, and much much more! But, we’re sorry, we just couldn’t WAIT to announce this fantastic event coming up in September! Let’s get into the dirt on how it all came about!

Bold Magazine and our CEO, Christopher Salute, attended such a fun body acceptance event in Las Vegas last weekend.

Babes in the pool? Totally!

A clothing swap? Heck yeah!

Some cool vendors for the plus size population? Are you kidding? Of course!

But, Sarah freaking Sapora hosting her very first Kundalini yoga experience right in front of us? Umm…. What???

Yeah, we’re pretty sure we blurted out “Sarah Sapora…. the Instagram Sarah Sapora?” when we met her (embarrassed face…..)! Well, what a life changing experience. In fact, if we’re super lucky (fingers crossed), we’re trying to get Sapora nailed down for an hour this week to interview her on what she’s been up to. You know, if she can fit us in between Time Magazine, Shape, and People! PS- not that you needed it, but her Instagram is right HERE.

And, we’re also going to write up a full review on:

Sarah’s Kundalini Experience

Yoga Plus Us and their awesome chair Yoga

The Big, Beautiful and Broke clothing swap

Tifani Blakely’s awesome Makeup Suite

Just the fact that Aby Deal looked like she ran the place all week! We got you, Aby!

(And let’s not forget all of the amazingness at the Miami Curves Week event we sponsored! Hey are we attending too many events? Nah, it’s the Summer! See you in New Jersey and Baltimore this month, Bold Babes!) 

Sorry, too much excitement… we digress. Sapora was so impactful (Not so fast, we’re just talking about her yoga, rumor spreaders! So, maybe Dr. Salute begged her out for coffee a few times that weekend…) that we just couldn’t wait to ask her a super bold question:

“Hey, Sarah… how can we get more involved with your awesome event this September?” Wouldn’t you know she had an answer ready for us?

Bold Magazine has now been added to an already incredible group of affiliates so that we can host an event within an event at Sarah Sapora’s Body + Love Workshop from 9/28 to 9/30 in Las Vegas, Nevada! What does that mean? Well…

At the Body + Love Workshop you will learn how valuable self-love is in creating your greater life. You will learn tools to help you create a life that fuels YOU. You will be in a SAFE and loving environment, and hear from women who are getting down and dirty in their life, sharing the lessons they’ve learned in order to help you grow.

Imagine a place where people showed up for themselves and, each other, without judgment and bound by the common thread that we’re all worthy of living our most badass lives from the inside out! A place where you’re at home before you even arrive. A big’ol lunch table in the cafeteria of life where everyone is welcome under a few simple conditions – everyone shows up, everyone gets a seat at the table, and we all rise together.  – Sarah Sapora, Body + Love Workshop Website

And we get to be a part of it! Which means… uh… so are you! Click our link HERE or check it out on our events tab up top to see more. But, here’s a quick preview:

  • A meet and greet on Friday night with drinks from Union Wine Company for attendees 21+.
  • Lunch and snack breaks  (included!) with Bold to discuss the topics presented.
  • The chance to learn directly from Bold and our experiences!
  • A private, one-hour video hangout with Bold and event founder, Sarah Sapora.
  • A special Bold Magazine Goodie Bag with all of our favorite snacks, treats, and gizmos!

We love the entire description of what she’s doing for women in our communities, which you should definitely check out. For us, this is about loving ourselves and doing it as a group, a team, and a family. We’ve already got a bunch of the Bold team members going!. But, let’s not forget her all-star lineup of guests like Shana Catrice, Jen Mavros, Whitney Way-Thore (uh…. yeah, you read that right) and more! We love this!

Directly from Sarah’s Site:

What the workshop is…
A place to explore what your “greater life” means to you personally.
A chance to think about what your “happier and healthier” life looks like, relevant to your own body journey.
A judgment-free zone safe for every body type.
A space you will feel support, from like-minded women and professionals.
Resources and inspiration!

What the workshop ISN’T!
An event pushing “diet culture” as a means of change.
A place you will be “skinny shamed” or “fat shamed” for  your body-goals and desires.
A special “insiders club” of elite women who dress, look, and think the same.
A “sink or swim”  shark tank of “mean girls.”
Full of sales pitches.

Check out more below and be bold!



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