If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll note that we did say a few things, recently:

  • Aby Deal, our dear friend, Official Bold Babe, and Curvy Chic Chick is our August model of the month (the last Icon Model we’ll be doing until further notice)
  • She’s also our New Marketing and Sales Director (updating our Team Page soon!)
  • Her new club, Crave, debuts this October!
  • She’s going to be all over our social media for a bit, get over it (Hah! Just teasing, Bold Babes! But, she’s great, go follow her)

Now, we’ve got some new news for ya! And, we’re so sorry we’re late in the review of it. But, heck… we’ve been a little busy spreading positivity and painting the world purple with our goodie bags!

Aby Deal just launched her brand new website and we’re so excited to be the first to pick up the scoop! Check out her “About” Page:

I am a plus size model & body positive influencer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. My mission began after attending Plus Size Events and experiencing the impact of meeting several other beautiful, confident, individuals, and hearing their experiences. In a short time I quickly went from layering up with cardigans to tank tops, to enhancing my wardrobe to include, few cardigans, and more bikinis and shorts and embracing my curves.  My goal is to promote and encourage body positivity and self-love through my Instagram page and through supporting Plus Size Events.  In a joint venture with Bold Magazine [Editor’s Note: Hey, that’s us!] we’ve created a movement #CardigansToBikinis to represent this transformation and share similar journeys in the plus size community.

We’re so excited that Aby has taken the leap to begin her modeling career and build her website. Her site is so perfect! I guess this is a great month for new sites, huh? The site has her full gallery, her blog, her social media, and a little bit more about her. You should definitely check it out!

“I’ve spent years trying to fit into this box of who I should be and what size, because society told me I needed to be something specific.  I’ve tried several fad diets and lifestyle changes, but the one thing that I never tried? Loving myself for who I am,” says Deal.

Aby is very new to this whole “plus size confidence thing.” We’re not sure how or why women come to these revelations, but we’re excited she did!

“I never imagined that I’d be sharing my story in a way that would impact others,” says Deal, “or encourage others to be their true self but in this time I’ve gone from layering up and wearing cardigans or one pieces by the pool, because I felt like I couldn’t bare my arms, and expose my flaws, to rocking bikinis and tank tops that allow me to embrace who I really am, and who I want to be. ”

Here’s her site! How BOLD!