Hi Bold Babes! How do you like the new additions to the site? We’ve been really trying to keep up with all of your requests: writers, advertisers, partners. What a whirlwind this summer has been!

But, can we just take a second to chill out, relax, and hang out with Anekka Morgan of “Books and Bras?” Her Instagram is amazing! Morgan is a @kurvesbykimi rep, Plus size lingerie model, body love and fat sex activist, fatshion photographer, mental health and big fitness advocate!

Morgan started her Instagram as a way to further her involvement in body positivity, like so many of us.

“I felt that I needed to show my body the way it was,” says Morgan. “Sometimes it’s sexy, sometimes it’s sloppy, sometimes it’s casual, sometimes posed, sometimes strong, sometimes sick…”

Her photos and account have  expanded into broader body positivity topics including mental health, sex positivity (see our live session with Sarah Sapora and our latest post from our CEO), exercise without the goal of “weight loss,” art that shows fat bodies, etc. We love all of her posts and are superfans! You should be too!

“Seeing other bodies that looked like mine wearing swimsuits and crop tops and things like that was so helpful on the journey of making peace with my own body,” says Morgan. Hey, maybe she should get together with Aby Deal and burn some cardigans!

While Morgan was an inspiration to some, she got a ton of nasty comments ranging from fat shaming to awful sexual passes.

“But I also get comments and messages,” says Morgan, “mostly from other plus size women saying how much they appreciate my pictures and captions, that I’ve inspired them or helped them in some way.”

Well we LOVE Books and Bras and we’re all about her body positivity. Hopefully we can get an amazing interview with her soon! Check her out as she helps us paint the world purple. And BE BOLD!