Original Post on Aby Deal’s Curvy Chic Chick Website– A few weeks ago I sat down with a friend in the Plus Size Community to discuss my journey into this world and what I hope to achieve from it. When we spoke he referenced that most people come new to this community quietly, and I had sort of come in and kicked the door down, and I LOVED that statement.  The past few months have been chaotic in the most wonderful of ways and when I look back at all I’ve achieved and experienced since the beginning of this year,  I guess I sort of did kick the door down. So, here I am kicking the door down once again, and introducing my brand, my mission, and sharing my life and my journey with my followers. It’s my hope that by sharing my story, I’ll continue to not only grow my own confidence and appreciation for who I am, but encourage others with stories similar to mine, to embrace who they are, as they are, and rock the curves that shape them.
This is going to be an new and exciting adventure for me, one,  I hope you’ll embark on with me.
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