My oh my, it has been a Summer! Hasn’t it? We know for us it’s been crazy. Bold babes are popping out of every corner, just loving themselves and painting the world purple. It’s been a plus positive season all around! And, we’re so excited to discuss Fat Fitness Fridays! What’s that? Well, it’s ours and now it’s yours! We’re going to introduce some fun things you can do on Fridays to get your weekend kicked off right! We like that addition to our Summer!

Likely, the climax of the entire darn Summer has been the incredible experience we had with Sarah Sapora during a body acceptance event in Las Vegas. We thought she was an Instagram personality. It turns out, we hadn’t done our research. Sapora is a women’s advocate and coach. She is also a Kundalini yoga instructor, health and wellness professional, and so much more. How does she have time for it all?

From her site:

“I’m a Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate. My biggest passion in life is igniting positive change in women of all shapes and sizes. My goal is to “bang down the door” of the wellness industry for women of size – folks who have been told that the only way to experience personal growth is by dieting. B*llshit.”

We love it!

We met Sarah during one of the evening events of the “bash” and we couldn’t believe she was there! She explained that she’d been curious about these events for years and asked to attend so that she could try her brand spankin’ new Kundalina yoga certificate with the right sized audience (Sarah wants to teach body inclusive yoga and, as you might imagine, it’s very hard to find a large enough group of plus women in most places). So, she was there to get to know everyone before her Saturday session. We imagine it’s easier to teach when you have a connection with someone. We do the same thing!

Well the week went by and we got to know Sarah and her ideals, mantras, preference in drink (she wasn’t drinking that week, however), etc. And, to be honest, it was for those reasons that we attended her Kundalini session on Saturday (I mean, let’s be real… last day at the pool? Or yoga?) But, wow… were we shocked by the decision we made.

Sarah Sapora is the real freaking deal (yes, Sarah, we know you’d say the other word)! Her yoga hour was amazing. It wasn’t an unusually rigorous workout. But, we were totally sweating and we heard she went a little easy on us. We sweated, we laughed, and we even cried.

Yah… you heard that right. “Yoga Chick” made us CRY (uh… reminder, I’m a dude- don’t care, crying happened). When the last few minutes occur and the meditation hits, you MUST be ready for silence, some touching music, and some serious feels. It was the greatest combination of workout, stress relief, and some deep emotion (hey, are we still talking about Yoga? Yes, we are! Get your minds out of the gutter).

Sarah’s hour long Kundalini session returned with us getting back to our comfortable position and we couldn’t have been more relieved. Not that it was over, but that we found something truly incredible. And, we can’t wait to get back to it next month in Las Vegas! She’s bold. We felt bold. We all just were…. ourselves. And, we were totally BOLD! Check out some more pictures of the master in action, below!