Group Leader Tifani Blakely adjusts poses that Beya demonstrates

Happy Saturday, Bold Babes! We had an amazing Fat Fitness Friday reviewing Sarah Sapora’s amazing Kundalini experience during our visit to Las Vegas. But, what you didn’t know is that three days prior to hanging with Sarah, we had yet ANOTHER body acceptance yoga experience in Las Vegas. What an incredible week! “Tifani Blakely and her dear friend Beya (@bewithbeya on Instagram).

The “Plus Size and Pint Size” duo hit the scene with their first public session in Vegas, a really cool chair yoga session. Why chair yoga? Because it’s size inclusive and allows all of its participants to participate, even if they are less mobile or have issues standing! What a fantastic idea. We all set up our chairs and awaited our instructors.

Instructions from Yoga Plus Us

While Beya traversed the room setting everyone up and passing around some essential oils, Tifani explained what she’d be doing during the session. While she was going to perform all of the same yoga, it was Blakely’s responsibility to tell everyone how they can adjust their posture and positioning during the yoga pose. For example, when we were bent in certain positions, Blakely told the women how she moved her belly to the side. When Beya moved back in her chair, she told us how it was okay to be off of the chair a little bit.

What I learned from that experience was how challenging it is for plus women to engage in certain types of fitness due to their bodies. It was really eye opening! And, I also learned that you can absolutely sweat while sitting in a chair and moving slowly. Funny enough, all of the women laughed when one of the participants pointed out that I had dropped my arms twice during a certain pose. I guess the “I did shoulders yesterday” at the gym excuse didn’t really take, eh?

Yoga Plus Us is definitely an awesome experience. It was welcoming, exciting, and such a serious education in plus fitness. It was BOLD!