Original Post from Aby Deal’s Curvy Chic Chick Blog– Last month I was approached by the CEO of Bold Magazine on Instagram regarding my involvement in an up and coming plus size group on Facebook Wolfpack Nation and about my journey in the Plus Size world. At the time I thought this would be an neat way to get my story out there and to help promote my friends at Wolfpack Nation with what they’re doing to bring a positive presence to the plus size community. I’m thrilled to say it’s become so much more as we partner together to bring even more positive energy and vibes into the community.
Christopher Salute is the CEO of Bold Media & Bold Magazine, and the fearless leader of the Bold models, self-named, the Bold Babes.  I’ve recently joined this group of beautiful and fabulous women as a model, to continue to promote body positive, and represent not only the Plus Size community but the fabulous energy Bold Magazine is bringing to the community.
We’re putting our heads together to bring the community some really exciting things… so stay tuned!
Please go read & listen to my interview with Bold Magazine at the links below – Chris did a fabulous job of sharing my story and my mission in the community.