Ugh! We’re so mad! Literally… ANGRY! Last week, the amazing group of traveling “fatvocates” (did we make that up? I really hope we did) who have produced the movie, “Fattitude” came to our hood…. New Yorkkkkk! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of… Sorry, we’re back.

So, why are we mad? We totally had to miss it because of another obligation (Side note: Bold Magazine is not our full time gig, which is really hard to believe because we’re all over the place. You’ll note that we reference a lot of other bodacious bold babes who work in the plus universe as a side hustle because it’s not yet monetized enough to support us). Some of our friends, and even one of favorite home girls, Jen Ponton were there! But, we know a ton about the movie and thought we’d share a bit about the buzz!

Fattitude (2017) is a documentary film by Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman that has been all over the Tess Holliday and Jes Baker! The movie is about fat discrimination and its main objective is to make the general public more aware of the prejudice that fat people experience.

From their website, “The goal of this documentary is to inform people about the harsh and very real realities of fat shaming and fat hatred – to expose how fat hatred permeates our popular culture, spreading the message that fat is bad and in turn forwarding the idea that being cruel, unkind or downright unjust to a fat person is acceptable behavior. And then, to inspire change.

Fattitude is a documentary that discuss fat and weight discrimination. The filmmakers hope to change the national conversation about body image so that it focuses on not only issues of self-acceptance, but also legitimate questions of systemic prejudice—for example the relationship between race, poverty, and obesity. They’ve been traveling the country screening this amazingness! So, we hope you’ve had a chance to watch! If not, here’s the trailer:

After starting a pretty successful Kickstarter campaign, Averill and Lieberman became the target of heavy trolling and harassment from anonymous internet peeps, which you know we love to talk about (eye roll…). But, let’s show some support by clicking on their trailer, finding their website HERE, and going to a screening, near us!

Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve totally reached out, crying to the filmmakers, who may actually give us an interview. Can you amazing ladies please come back to the streets of NYC and show your movie? We’ll pay double… okay, maybe one and a half times the normal price. Is there popcorn? If not, can we bring some?

In our quest to paint the world purple, we really hope that you’ll be bold and help spread this plus positive all over the universe!