Yes, we know this image is of her on People… more on that below!

We recently read a headline that reads, “Tess Holliday Graces Cover Of Cosmopolitan And It Means Everything”

It continues “Tess Holliday has booked plenty of gigs in her modeling career ― but few may be as important to her as Cosmopolitan UK’s October cover.” This is such a loaded statement!

A Twitter user summed up the impact of Holliday on the cover of a fashion magazine often associated with straight sizes or very thin women.

“This is especially great bc most of the times I’ve seen plus size or even just slightly chubby women on a magazine cover, it’s a tight crop on her face,”

Marion Teniade Johnson, the twitter user, compares them to the “such a beautiful face” conversation.

This time, Tess’s entire body is in the forefront…  fans are pleased, to say the least. And, so is Holliday.

From her Twitter account: “I’m literally a COSMO Girl!”

The magazine, on newsstands Friday, features Holliday in a swimsuit. And, we’re going to be writing an editorial piece to correspond. There’s a lot that’s being said on an actual plus woman on Cosmo… and a lot that’s not being said. Are we happy? Yes! Could we be happier? I think you know the answer to that! We’ll address it all here at Bold!

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PS – Just keeping you updated on our quest to paint the world purple… not a single copyright free picture of Tess can be found today other than the one we have used… try searching other famous models… there’s a big difference… but more on that tomorrow! BE BOLD!