Chrysanthia Leggett. one of a few racially diverse models we’ve been blessed to speak about and to this week as we transition from our week or weight conversations, only.

We’re wrapping up the weight conversation this week (but is it truly ever finished?) with a quick Friday blurb. As we take questions and comments about Tess Holliday’s Cosmo cover, say goodbye to our Bold August Icon model, Aby Deal, and search for new collaborators (thanks for all of the messages to our inbox!), we are reminded that there is so much more than just size that makes up diverse modeling. We do recognize that all of our Official Bold Babes are white brunettes (it just happened that way) and are in the middle of searching for some diversity in our group. Is that you? Let us know! Our inbox is actually flooded with some awesome plus women of color, that we’ve been in touch with.

Gina Jaramillo was named “Lifetime Queen” by “Heart of Gold.”

But, let’s talk about age too! Enter Gina Jaramilllo, “Happy Chick Beauty.” She is part of an organization called  ”  Inspiration4 LIfe  ”  and was crowned their Heart of Gold Queen in 2017 for charity work As of April  2018,  she was crowned their Lifetime Queen!

“I want to show the world that a woman’s age and size do not matter!!! Unfortunately I don’t book many events because of my height, dress size, & age…” says Gina, “But that will  hopefully change soon.”

Gina has been designing hair accessories, modeling, and styling models for the past 3 years. This actually began my hobby when a friend of Gina’s asked her to make some hair accessories for her pinup outfits.

“The rest is history….” she says!

We’ve put out an ABP for beautiful “yous” to reach out and tell us why you’re BOLD! And, we are going to continue to ask for those collaborations. So, let us know what you’re up to HERE. And Be Bold!

You can find more on Gina on facebook by searching ” HappyChick Beauty Designs,” “Gina’s Portfolio,” and “Gina Jaramillo Model Page.”

Next week, we’re dropping the weight conversation to discuss Fall transitions, from discussing our amazing Summer to our Fall events and features. Whatever age, color, size, sex, or other identifier you use, we hope that you’ll continue to paint the world purple with us!