Rachel Cadie owns and operates Secondhand Curves in Rockford, IL

Happy Monday and ho-ly positivity!!!!!!!! Did we have a weekend! How was yours? Did you go The Curvy Con? If you didn’t, we hope you went to the Secondhand Curves Con outside of Chicago! Sigh… so many plus positive events. So few of us… How does one choose?

Well, while The Curvy Con had a ton of plus influencers and big brands. But, do you know what Secondhand Curves Con had? Rachel… “transition week has just ended, we thought it would be perfect to share a bit about her and how you can find her shop to transition some lightly worn goodies into your closet!

Cadie is the proud owner and operator of Secondhand Curves, which we featured on our site, last week! She’s also a B-E-A-UTIFUL plus woman who shares her looks on her

Here’s some of the basic information on her shop!

5643 E. State St., Suite #2 , Rockford, IL 61108

Instagram is @secondhandcurves

Here’s her site, as well: www.secondhandcurves.com

Cadie often models her own clothing… If every clothing brand had a model like her… We’d all be broke!

During our interview we chatted about the professional world, the personal lives of plus women, and everything in between. It was truly a delight to get her on our phone line for a few minutes and we’re so glad we did! So, take some time today to listen to her interview below! And, be bold!


Secondhand Curves in Rockford, IL