Bold Staff Gabby Escamilla with Mary Damiano at Miami Curves Week

With The Curvy Con coming to a close and New York Fashion Week underway, we wanted to take a moment to talk about plus positive events done right. We’re going to be writing a full review of The Curvy Con ASAP. And, you know we’ve been involved with our very own plus positive events, as well! Were they all one thousand percent successful? Absolutely not! But, we as a plus universe really need to discuss our yearly calendar TOGETHER as a group. And, we mustn’t confuse dating events with fashion events, fashion events with lifestyle events, lifestyle events with academic forums, etc. etc.

At the moment, I have had some of my students work on a case study during their Fashion Merchandising class, this week. The assignment is to come up with an event that can compete with New York Fashion Week for the plus universe. What have I found so far?

… it’s nearly impossible! Why?

…dots are fun…

BECAUSE the plus universe hasn’t figured out their buying power yet. They wanted to combine dating apps and wedding fashion shows with workshops and runway shows. The reason is that the potential for the plus universe is barely realized in the market! It’s crazy that we, as a community, compete for events, and work in such small spaces.

Do you know who does it right?

Miami… Curves… WEEK! (note the dots… that means it’s important)

Miami Curves Week occurred over the month of July in 2018 and we were lucky/fortunate enough to be their Media Sponsors. So what did they do right that we need to take note of?

  1. Their Friday VIP cocktail party was intimate and super sexy (we mean that in the most asexual way possible… it was pretty… okay?)
  2. The Saturday vendor show was PACKED and well attended
  3. The Sunday runway show made use of major influencers and exhibited TONS of diversity in size, shape, age, and ethnicity!

The tickets are priced really reasonably priced for a three day WEEKEND event at a super swanky hotel. We also left with some pretty awesome goodies! Not only did we lose track of time during that weekend, we were so impressed with the amount of folks who were there to provide us with information, goods, and fashion.

Miami Curves Week asked major influencers to promote their brand… intelligence meets fashion and curves

Miami Curves Week directly competed with Miami Swimsuit Week and still turned out a great showing! So, here’s our question:

How can an event put together with class, diversity, and amazingly perfect narrow focus (this is a good thing) only generate a few hundred attendees? Don’t get us wrong, the venue was packed and it looked like the MCW crew were super pleased with the result. But, we represent thousands of people in every city! Millions all over the country. What’s the deal?

The answer is US… the plus universe! We need to make sure we’re continuing to support events like Miami Curves Week and Sarah Sapora’s Body Love Workshop with our time, energy, and yes… money! Buying tickets to events means we support our friends. It means a lot more than liking something. And, we’re SO on board with painting the world purple and supporting the plus universe. Now that the summer is over, we’re reminiscing on our time at Miami Curves Week and just super stoked to start planning our attendance, next year.

We’re so excited to start hosting events that complement those already in place. But, we really need your help as a plus universe! We’ll be sure to post the events we support on our site and our calendar. So, go ahead… be you… BE BOLD… and support!