We, at Bold, have tended to become somewhat famous for our fairly consistent 10 question bold interviews. Or, maybe we’re just wishful thinking. But, we have tended to keep our interviews pretty structured. Well, we had a blast with our friend Chrissy Dunham, last week, and we’re so excited to share it with you! We’ve decided to call this series the “Bold without Boundaries” interview series.

You remember Chrissy. We worked with her a few months ago during our Bold Causes Week. Chrissy Dunham an amazing badass who has just been featured on the show “The Doctors” and was gifted a multiple month long stay at a fitness camp in southern California. Dunham has lost well over 100 pounds for health reasons and she decided, throughout her journey that she would not only love her body, but also teach others to love theirs, regardless of their size.

Here’s a clip of Chrissy from “The Doctors”:


We have decided to chop this interview up into small segments because we had too much fun for you to digest in one clip! So, without further delay… let’s meet Chrissy Dunham.




Chrissy discusses the very beginning of her journey.


Two non scientists… talk a whole lot of science… and addiction.


Chrissy and Chris talk about dating in the plus world… without boundaries. 


“I wear my addiction all over me…” – Chrissy Dunham

Chrissy Dunham tells us what makes her “BOLD!” 


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And, be bold!