Last week, we really began focusing on plus sized events around the country. Why? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. 1- Fashion show season is wrapping up.
  2. 2- Size Acceptance Weekends usually take place over the Summer.
  3. 3- We’ve been so busy attending all of the events we possibly could, that we haven’t had two seconds to write about them!

As you know, we had an absolute blast as the media sponsors of Miami Curves Week. We can’t WAIT for next year’s event! And, we definitely had our fair share of involvement at some amazing size acceptance events, this Summer. We also covered Full Figured Fashion Week, which was a ton of fun!

But, this past weekend, we got a chance to attend The Curvy Con in New York City! Unfortunately, we were unable to reach the folks at The Curvy Con so that we could get involved in a bigger way. But, maybe that was a good thing! We had the chance to attend the event as consumers, which was interesting. No booth to tend to! No newsletters to hand out! No stage to stand on. We got to walk around and enjoy ourselves. And, we totally did!

Ticket purchasing was a bit tumultuous, but that was totally our fault. At the last minute, we went on the website to buy our tickets. We should have done it weeks ago! Since we couldn’t attend the entire week’s worth of events, we decided the social ticket was our best bet. For those who don’t know, there are three ticket options (graphic below explains them). The Social Ticket costs $49.00 plus fees, the Glitter Ticket is $249.00 plus fees, and the Platinum ticket is $449.00 plus fees. The Social Ticket was our best option as Saturday only consumers.


There must have been a disclaimer somewhere on the website telling us that that ticket sells out, quickly. But, we couldn’t find that anywhere! And, there was no explanation on the website that said that social ticket was sold out, it was just eliminated from the site. We were freaking out a little bit at the beginning of the week. We tried emailing The Curvy Con folks. But, nobody had gotten back to us. So, we googled a bit about if there were other resellers we could buy from. Nada!

After messaging them on Instagram, they said that we could keep checking the site to see if more tickets were on sale. Well, we just didn’t want to leave our attendance to chance! I mean, Renee, Jen, Sarah, Lisa, and all of our friends were totally going to miss us if we couldn’t make it (Let’s be real… they probably would have had a blast without us, anyways). So, in a stroke of luck, our Office Manager Alyssa found an attendee with three tickets to sell on their facebook page! We were so happy! OH EM GLEE! All we had to do was go on their google doc page and transfer the ticket (which we later found out was unnecessary, but that’s otay!).

Pro: You may luck out and find resold tickets if you miss your opportunity to buy, online!

Con: Almost zero responsiveness from The Curvy Con Team (sad face). 

Wildcard: The “Contact Us” page actually said “2017” instead of “2018” on it, which gave us little hope that someone was paying attention to it.

Did you ever wonder how those awesome instagram shots are taken? Umm… wonder no more!

We got up bright and early on Saturday. Unfortunately, we had some meetings to attend on Saturday morning, but we got to The Curvy Con around 11:15AM (the lounge and vendors opened up at 10AM). And, we have to say, for $51.00 and change, The Curvy Con really is great money spent.

We got to spend a ton of time in the vendor area and see our friends. Some booths gave away some goodies. Others had huge discounts, which we loved! We shopped, tried some things on, listened to music, snapped some pics, etc. etc! It was a great experience! It was a bit tough to try on clothing in the makeshift dressing rooms, and one of the downstairs rooms was much cooler than the other. We were sweating like crazy walking around the sponsor room! And, for big people, that’s a NO NO! Thank goodness for the well air-conditioned vendor room past the DJ booth and the lounge upstairs (which we didn’t realize were up there until much later!). But, the bottom line is that unless you’re being gifted the ticket, or REALLY want to attend all of the workshops, the Social Ticket is more than enough for you to get your fill of plus positivity on a Saturday.

There were definitely some characters popping around!

Pro: The Social Ticket is definitely a bargain! Lots of great interaction! 

Con: Climate varied and didn’t help us change and shop in comfort. 

Wildcard: Some interesting characters made us laugh throughout the event. 

Celebrity Spotting! We love you, Jen!

There’s only so much shopping one can do and so many selfies we could take! And, there’s no food to buy or places to sit, other than a few scattered chairs around the venue. However, we have to give credit to that DJ because everyone was moving and shaking despite a little warmth. We have to wonder if The Curvy Con organizers encouraged the vendors to dance, because even they were grooving as they sold and greeted people!

It definitely would have been great to have some vendors who sold food! We did see some boxed lunches that some folks said they were giving away, upstairs. But, we didn’t think our ticket gave us access to those. If they did, nobody told us! So, after heading out for a bite to eat, we finally ventured upstairs to see the lounge area and the main stage. First of all, just to reiterate, our $51.00 and change ticket gained us access to The Curvy Con Mainstage, which we didn’t know! So, that’s incredible! And, that area had a bunch of chairs to sit in, while we were taking a break and getting ready for Jen Ponton, Joy Nash, and Gabby Sidabe to school us on plus issues!

The main stage discussions were incredible. While we weren’t able to get into the smaller workshop rooms or lounges, we really didn’t see any need for that. Our inexpensive ticket really did everything we wanted it to do. It was an incredible Saturday FILLED with entertainment and shopping.

The DJ kept the flow of the show moving!

Pro: Lots of seating at the Main Stage… which was included!

Con: Not much seating downstairs! 

Wildcard: How about some food for purchase? You know shopping makes us all hungry! 

The main stage area was pretty awesome! We don’t know if we were supposed to be able to take selfies by all of the photo booths or if those were platinum and glitter areas. But, nobody seemed to stop us. We did see a menacing sign prohibiting us from being there. But, that was on the way back to our seats. Whoops! We also got to try out the Big Fig mattress, which was lovely!

Selfies and photos by all of the “step and repeat” and photo sets were a blast!

There were some AWESOME speeches at the maintsage! Sarah Rae Vargas in her “Let’s Talk About Sex” was pretty fun! But, we were really there to support our girl, Jen Ponton, who introduced Joy Nash and Gabourey Sidabe. The keynote mainstage speeches and Q & A sessions were pretty cool. Though it was clear that they weren’t scripted, they also weren’t focused. This will likely improve as the organizers Chastity and Cece continue to grow the event. We hear they are lovely and can’t wait to see what they have in store! Seating was scarce for the last speech, and it was very tough to see the stage from the back. But, they did have great TV screens around the venue to help us see it!

We exited the event in good spirits, with lots of free goodies from Celebrity Pink Jeans and Carol’s Daughter! Was there a list of vendors on the site before the show? We didn’t see any, and it would have been nice to figure out who were there so we knew where to shop. But, we were thirsty and super hungry since the only vendor with food had tiny bags of mixed nuts and the cucumber water hadn’t been refilled (We may or may not have gotten scolded for sticking our cups in the top of the jug to get some ice… yikes!). Unfortunately, some obligations outside of the city made us miss the wrap up party (if it was included with our ticket, we were unsure). And, by obligations, we mean our dog, Joker, and our own birthday after party and bonfire near the beach. So, it wasn’t a complete disappointment!

Pro: Final Keynote conversations were a great value!

Con: Some better focus and seating would be awesome!  

Wildcard: It was unclear what our tickets actually got us into!

Our dear friend Jen Ponton KILLED her main stage debut!

All in all, The Curvy Con is one of the better plus positive events that we have attended. It would have been awesome to get more acquainted with the event prior to going. We searched everywhere and had some issues with responsiveness. But, we know the organizers are so busy!

One thing we really want to note, however, is that although this is a size inclusive event, many of the vendors carried sporadic sizes and a good deal of them didn’t go pasts size 20 or 22. Vendors included Macy’s, Dia & Co (main sponsors), Eloqui, The Loft, etc. etc. And, we were really disappointed that larger sizes and longer lengths weren’t represented. If The Curvy Con Queens read our review (which we doubt, but who knows!), we’d like to stress that some of the clothing we tried on didn’t come in our sizes. Also, the quarters were really right and the chairs in the main stage were very close together. Our larger staff members and friends didn’t even attend. But, we’d have a hard time encouraging them to shop. Someone who is a size 28 or 6 feet tall would have had a really hard time navigating this event. But, that’s why we’re all learning and growing as these plus events make it to the “main stage” of the fashion and media world, right? One day, someone will recognize that 2/3 plus of the US population need to be catered to for more than a weekend at a time! Sigh… we just hope that we’ve got enough “Bold Babe” T-shirts to outfit everyone when we march on Fashion Avenue!

Overall Pro: This was one of the better plus focused events we’ve attended. 

Overall Con: While somewhat size inclusive, The Curvy Con needs to consult with some of its larger attendees for emotional and physical comfort reasons.  

Wildcard: This is really the beginning of the plus positive event movement. We’re confident they will figure it out. And, Bold Magazine may have a few tricks up its sleeve in 2019… so stay tuned and keep checking our calendar

Oh.. and BE BOLD!